Top 25 Forensic Psychology Professors List Names Fresno Alumna


Alumna of the forensic psychology PhD program at the California School of Forensic Studies, Fresno, Dr. Amy Bacharach, has been named one of the Top 25 Forensic Psychology Professors nationwide by

Formerly an Adjunct Professor at Argosy University in San Francisco, Dr. Bacharach was commended for her political and human trafficking activism in her local community and regarded as an authoritative spokesperson in the online forensic psychology community.

Dr. Bacharach was described as someone “who encourages prospective students about the new and exciting forensic psychology profession”.

All of the selected candidates are considered, “dedicated professors are not only authoritative spokespeople in the forensic psychology community online, they also continue to encourage and participate in active discussions to further enrich and enlighten the importance of combining psychology studies with law in today's education system.”

Learn more about the research and community activism that secured Dr. Bacharach’s place on the Top 25 Forensic Psychology Professors list. Or, visit Dr. Bacharach’s blog Dr. Amy Bacharach’s Op-eds.


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