Three Social Work Specialist Job Openings (San Francisco, CA)

Three Social Work Specialist Job Openings (San Francisco, CA)

Job Description

The 2916 Social Work Specialist will provide case management to clients with disabling medical and mental health conditions. Tasks includes conducting initial screening and assessment, coordinating assessments by medical and mental health practitioners, providing summaries of clients’ functional limitations, and making collateral contacts with representatives of the Social Security Administration and the California Department of Social Services. The social work specialist will interpret and explain Social Security Regulations to clients and to HSA staff.

The duties may include:

  • Conduct assessments of the clients’ functional ability, describe and document the clients’ functional limitations, if any.
  • Establish effective working alliances with difficult to serve clients who frequently miss appointments and may not recognize that they have disabling conditions.
  • Consult with Disability Evaluation and Consultation Unit (DECU) staff physician, psychologist, and/or licensed clinical social workers as needed to determine if the client is disabled and identify the medical and mental condition(s) that are the basis of the disability.
  • Complete all necessary documentation and/or applications materials and non-medical evidence needed to support the application for Social Security Benefits.
  • Research and request relevant medical records.
  • Review, evaluate, and organize the medical records with the assistance of the physician, psychologist, and/or licensed clinical social workers.
  • Assist the client with referral to housing, money management, medical and other treatment providers as indicated.

Salary Range:  $69,810.00 – $84,838.00/year

Three openings, one requires the candidate to be fluent in Cantonese, and the other two do not require a second language.  Ability to speak Cantonese is most important, but reading and writing are desirable. Master’s degree in social Works, psychology or related field is highly desirable.

Interested candidates should send their resumes to and and complete an online application.