Listening to Dragonflies Project in Vietnam

The Listening to Dragonflies Project, organized by CSPP Professor Suni Peterson, Ph.D., is an action research project that has, over the past three years, reduced parasitic disease by 2/3 in Ha Trung, Vietnam. Professor Peterson was joined by 23 Alliant students in three different trips to Ha Trung to train the villagers on hand washing, dental hygiene and the importance of clean water. The Dragonflies […]

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Vietnam Listening to Dragonflies: Project Updates from CSPP Faculty Dr. Suni Petersen

Listening to Dragonflies Project in Vietnam For three years we have visited the village of Phong Binh training 13 health advocates and 13 village leaders in three training sessions.  These people worked with twelve families each for a total of 156 families.  In addition we screened approximately 140 elderly people for hypertension.  My students trained over 600 school children over the years from pre-school to […]

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