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Giving Love Away on Valentine’s Day

Why Give Love Away Valentine’s Day is often focused on receiving love—cards, flowers, gifts—grand gestures of another’s love and affection. But, instead of those gestures, I would like to shift the focus to giving love away on Valentine’s Day, or being the giver of love. While there are huge expectations, excitement, and disappointments related to Valentine’s Day, why not instead be the giver of love […]

By Alliant Team | Psychology

The Difference Between a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and a Marriage and Family Therapist

If you are interested in working in the field of mental health, you have a lot of potential career options: psychologist, therapist, counselor. To the untrained eye, these titles probably sound like different names for the same career – and to an extent, all of these mental health professions share a common thread: they assess, diagnose and treat patients for a variety of mental health […]

By Alliant Team | Psychology

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