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What’s the Difference Between Criminology and Criminal Justice

“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” debuted on television in 2000, introducing many people to the unique field of forensics. Although it eventually left the air a decade and a half later (while spawning several spinoffs), the savvy investigators featured on the show left a mark on many viewers. It is projected that through the year 2024, the field of forensic science will grow by 20%–27% higher than […]

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What Jobs Can You Get with a Criminology Degree?

An Applied Criminology degree program is designed to enhance the skill set and employ-ability of those interested in the ever-evolving field of criminology. By combining theory, research and best practices, Applied Criminology programs provide advanced instruction on issues of criminal justice, victim services, security, forensic psychology and criminal law. As with any degree, it’s important to know what type of jobs are available before making […]

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