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Sensory Tools for Mental Health Event

On Saturday, September 26, 2015, the Art Therapy Club at CSPP will be holding an event at Alliant Los Angeles titled “Sensory Tools for Mental Health Professionals: Occupational Therapy Perspectives.” This workshop is a sensory experience. Several sensory tools and techniques will be explored including bean bag tapping, weighted blankets, aromatherapy, sounds, art, yoga and movement. Participants will learn about their own sensory preferences and […]

By Cielo Villasenor | Education

Play Therapy Workshop

On Saturday, July 18, the Art Therapy Club will be hosting an event at Alliant Los Angeles focusing on play therapy interventions. Attendees will experience play therapy interventions, discuss applying them with clients, learn resources for beginning to use play therapy and learn about materials to be used outside of the therapist office. Special guest Daryl Hitchcock, Ph.D. will be presenting. Daryl Hitchcock, Ph.D. is […]

By Cielo Villasenor | Education

The Art Therapy Club Presents Visits J.M.W Turner

On Sunday, April 26, the Art Therapy Club will visit the Getty Museum to explore the J.M.W Turner Exhibit. Attendees will tour the exhibit with Dr. Hass-Cohen as a guide, engaging in a post-exhibit group discussion. Turner was an English painter, water-colorist and print-maker. Turner is considered one of the greatest masters of British watercolor landscape painting, and is credited with elevating landscape painting to […]

By Cielo Villasenor | Education

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