rogram Director—Graduate Program in Human Sexuality at CIIS (GPHS)

rogram Director—Graduate Program in Human Sexuality at CIIS (GPHS)

Director of Human Sexuality Program

Job Title: Program Director—Graduate Program in Human Sexuality at CIIS (GPHS). Starting date: July 1, 2014.

Job Description: The new Graduate Program in Human Sexuality at CIIS is expanding its faculty. Applications open immediately for a full-time, dynamic and experienced academic leader, who will also serve as program administrator of the interdisciplinary Human Sexuality Studies PhD program. Housed within the School of Professional Psychology and Health  at CIIS, the PhD in human sexuality is unique in providing for clinical and policy understanding of human beings (LGBTQ people, heterosexual women, and heterosexual men), in the most diverse and fluid spectrum of sexual and gender variations across the life course, including desires and orientations, identities, behaviors and expressions. This vision includes psychosexual development and functioning, intimate relationships, families, spirituality, and well-being, as reflected in sexual, gender and reproductive health, rights, and policies. The program aspires to shape the inter-professional dialogue between clinical practitioners and sexuality policy leaders in the 21st century.

Requirements: PhD in the social/behavioral sciences, clinical psychology, public health or other appropriate field. The successful candidate will have extensive knowledge and skill sets in human sexuality, and an ability to see the vision that connects policy, practice, and research to the advancement of sexual literacy in the US and globally. Experience required: culturally and linguistically competent, scientific and academic research and publications commensurate with professorial position; proven interdisciplinary background and orientation; demonstrated excellence in teaching and advising students; demonstrated 2 years minimum grounded experience either in clinical practice at the advanced doctoral level, or very significant social policy training and advocacy experience of sexual, gender identity, and/or reproductive issues and rights. Additionally, good people skills is a must.

The new Director will work with an existing faculty group, including the Founding Professor, Gil Herdt, and a variety of stellar PhD students. Besides advising, program building, and bridge-building within the University and via outreach to support community engagement, the Director will engage with a National Advisory Committee that supports the inter-disciplinary dialogue between clinical practice and policy makers.

Please send a succinct letter (not to exceed two pages) of interest that lays out qualifications and appropriate experience along with a CV, a sample syllabus and published article, and the names of three referees to:

Professor Richard Buggs, PhD, Chair, Search Committee, CIIS.

Please also apply online, uploading all materials as one document.

Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

CIIS strongly pursues diversity in its hiring practices. Diversity refers to the variety of experiences and perspectives which arise from differences in race, culture, spiritual practice/religion, physical abilities, heritage, appearance, age, gender, sexual orientation, social class, nationality, and other characteristics.

CIIS values and promotes diversity because it enhances academic excellence, the educational experience, and the learning environment. CIIS believes equal opportunity for all students, faculty and staff is essential to successfully achieving our mission.