Psychology Post Doctoral Fellowship (VA – Martinez and Oakland)

Psychology Post Doctoral Fellowship (VA – Martinez and Oakland)

Psychology Post Doctoral Fellowship with Emphasis in Integrated Care and Behavioral Medicine

VA Northern California Health Care System

Martinez and Oakland, California

Description:  The resident will be engaged in multiple activities in both the Oakland and Martinez VA Primary Care settings.  The Oakland site has an integrated Primary Care/Mental Health team consisting of a full-time psychologist and psychiatrist.  These professionals provide immediate, interprofessional consultation and assessment as well as specialized behavioral medicine services (e.g., pain management, weight management, habit control).  The Oakland Clinic has been on the forefront as a pilot site for implementing the Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT) in Primary Care that is being rolled out to all VA facilities nationwide.  The Oakland Clinic is also a pilot site for a specialized Homeless PACT, specifically designed to treat and provide outreach to Homeless Veterans.  The Martinez site has a team of psychologists working in primary care on a rotating basis, as well as providing specialized behavioral medicine services (e.g., pain management, weight management, smoking cessation, stress management).  In both settings, the resident will be involved in providing mental health services and specialized behavioral medicine interventions that are critical to the mission of prevention, health promotion, and chronic disease management.  The resident will function on several interprofessional teams in a variety of specific roles.  The program’s settings provide experience with a very diverse range of patient backgrounds and presenting problems.  As such, developing competency in the provision of culturally sensitive care is a major training component.


Specific activities include:

  • Behavioral health consultation according to the Co-located, Collaborative Care Model.
  • Provision of same-day/as needed access to mental health assessment and treatment services for Veterans in Primary Care.
  • Consultation to primary care providers and other specialists related to management of behavioral health concerns in a medical setting, chronic disease management, and utilization of behavior change strategies related to improving medical outcomes.
  • Implementation of evidence-based/supported individual intervention practices, such as CBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, and skills based approaches (e.g., stress management, pain management) targeting behavior change to promote physical and mental health.
  • Co-facilitation of interdisciplinary group programs for chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, chronic pain, smoking cessation, and the MOVE! weight management program.
  • Participation in the Codisciplinary Pain Clinic, a twice-monthly interprofessional assessment and intervention setting staffed by a pain medicine physician, a physical therapist, and a behavioral medicine psychologist.  Same-day co-assessments are also conducted with the Pain Medicine physician on request.
  • Psychosocial assessments for transplant (e.g., lung, kidney, liver, stem-cell) and bariatric surgery.
  • Psychoeducational lectures to specific groups of care providers and patients (e.g., stress management education for patients with diabetes, managing PTSD in a medical setting for nurses).
  • Collaboration and consultation with a variety of other disciplines related to implementation and evaluation associated with the Patient Aligned Care Teams.
  • Development of an independent quantitative project related to improving clinical care, such as implementation and evaluation of a clinical program, interdisciplinary trainings, development of a treatment manual, etc.
  • Provision of supervision and didactic presentations to other psychology trainees.


Location:  The primary training sites for the fellowship program are in Oakland and Martinez, two communities in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Bay Area offers a vast array of world class cultural and recreational opportunities, comfortable weather, and a rich multicultural environment.  Northern California is home to Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Pacific beaches, and the wine country of Sonoma and Napa Counties.


Start Date:        August 24, 2015


Stipend:           $50,006 for the one year position


Benefits:           Health insurance, 10 federal holidays, 13 days paid vacation, and up to 13 days of sick                           leave.


Minimal Eligibility Requirements:


  1. United States citizenship
  2. Doctoral degree in psychology from an APA-accredited doctoral program obtained prior to the program start date
  3. Completion of an APA-accredited psychology internship


Application Process:


The program will use the APPIC centralized postdoctoral application system (APPA CAS ).


Applicants should use the APPA CAS to submit the following:


  1. A Cover letter indicating your specific interests in our program.
  2. Curriculum vita
  3. Three letters of recommendation
  4. A letter from the graduate program director of training specifying current dissertation status and the projected timeline for completing all requirements for the doctoral degree.  If you have already completed your degree, a copy of your diploma or other indication from your graduate program is acceptable.
  5. A statement from the internship training director indicating good standing in the program and expected completion date (if the internship is already completed, please submit certificate or similar documentation).
  6. Graduate transcripts


Please note: if your dissertation chair and/or internship training director are also letter writers, they can provide the required statements in their letters and a separate document is not required.  Please request that the statements from your graduate program and internship clearly address your program status and expected completion date.


The application deadline is January 3, 2015.


Please contact us with any questions about the application process.