Postdoctoral Fellowships –  Boston Children’s Hospital

Postdoctoral Fellowships – Boston Children’s Hospital

Postdoctoral Fellowships –  Boston Children’s Hospital

The psychology program at Boston Children’s Hospital offers a variety of postdoctoral fellowship opportunities.   They are: Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships, Developmental Medicine Center, Leadership Education in Adolescent Health Program, Neuropsychology, Pain Treatment Service, and Psychiatry Consultation Service.  Individual trainee programs will be tailored to meet specialized training needs and interests as well as institutional service needs. Our emphasis is on training competent clinical psychologists to provide assessment and therapeutic interventions to children and their families.  Special loci of training include outpatient clinic services, inpatient psychiatric wards, and inpatient medical wards.  Services offered include traditional testing and therapeutic interventions as well as specialized opportunities in community outreach, consultation; medical coping; neuropsychology; and clinical research.  Boston Children’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry consists of more than 300 psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, and trainees in the various disciplines.  The training program blends traditional training approaches in child and family treatment, assessment, and consultation with state-of-the-art approaches to problems at the interface of pediatrics and psychology.

Fellows will receive Harvard Medical School appointments (Clinical Fellow in Psychology), as well as library privileges at all Harvard libraries.  Trainees in each of the postdoctoral programs have the option, with the permission of the director of their program, to participate in activities of the other programs.

Application procedures:

A common application form is used for all candidates (except Neuropsychology, see below) and credentials are due in the Psychology Department office on Friday, January 3, 2013.  The application and all credentials including a certified transcript of doctoral work and three professional references should be sent in the same packet to the attention of Ms. Carol Berne, Department of Psychiatry, 300 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115.  Fellowships will generally begin on September 1 (in 2014 the fellowships begin on Tuesday, September 2, 2014) and finish on August 31, unless special arrangements are approved for a different term.

 **         Application Information for Neuropsychology Residency:  Interested candidates are asked to forward the following materials via email:  Letter of interest, application information form, curriculum vitae, certified transcript of all doctoral work, copies of two neuropsychological evaluation reports, and three letters of reference.  Please contact Ms. Carol Berne, Department of Psychology, email to obtain more detailed program information.  Application materials need to be received by Friday, January 3, 2014.  The Boston Children’s Hospital Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Residency Program is a member of APPCN and will participate in the Resident Matching Program.   Information about the APPCN Resident Matching Program and registration materials are available at  Only those applicants who register for and participate in the Match can be matched to our program.   Applicants must register for the Match.   Further information is available on the APPCN Web Site  Our program code number is: 9673.

Basic Prerequisites:

The basic requirements for a postdoctoral fellowship involving clinical training and service delivery will be:  an earned doctorate in psychology from an appropriate health service provider training program in a properly accredited institution of higher learning and completion of an internship accredited by the American Psychological Association/Canadian Psychological Association.  All doctoral degree requirements must be completed prior to the starting date of the fellowship.  External degree programs are not acceptable.  The internship requirement may be waived, if the postdoctoral fellowship is for research training only and does not involve delivery of clinical services.  See the descriptions of specific program listings in our brochure for additional requirements.


No unfunded fellows will be approved, and all fellows will be either full-time (40 hours per week) or half-time (20 hours per week).  The basic salary level for a first-year postdoctoral fellow (2013-2014) is $39,000, full-time equivalent.  Higher rates may be authorized for trainees with advanced postdoctoral training depending on the funding source.  Funding for military personnel or candidates with external federal or grant support will be approved at the level authorized by the funding agency so long as that amount is equal to or exceeds the basic stipend level.

Core Program:

In addition to the specialization program to which the fellow is accepted, all postdoctoral fellows will be expected to attend a core seminar program addressing professional, clinical, and research issues for one hour per month.

For a brochure and application detailing our postdoctoral fellowships, please e-mail: