Open Positions at the British Psychoanalytic Institute in Oxford

Open Positions at the British Psychoanalytic Institute in Oxford

Dear Alliant International University Alumni,

On behalf of Keith Pagan, Director of Admissions for the British Psychoanalytic Institute in Oxford.

Please be informed that the British Psychoanalytic Institute has a half-dozen residency positions remaining to be filled for Michaelmas Term commencing September 2016.

This is a 5-year clinical residency in psychoanalysis with an emphasis on neuropsychology and psychoparmacology.

The 5-year clinical residency has been approved by the Medical Board of California.

While those who complete the residency become eligible for registration as a Research Psychoanalyst in the State of California, actual residency training can be done anywhere.

Should you have want to know more information about our residency program, feel free to contact the Director of Admissions for British Psychoanalytic Institute.

Below is his contact information for your reference.

Keith Pagan, A.B. (Princeton)
Director of Admissions
British Psychoanalytic Institute
9 Saint Michael’s Street
Oxford OX1 2RR
United Kingdom

We would be pleased to consider applications for admission from alumni of Alliant International University.