Post-doctoral Psychology Fellowship Stipend (Spanish Speaking Only) – San Mateo County Medical Center

Post-doctoral Psychology Fellowship Stipend (Spanish Speaking Only) – San Mateo County Medical Center

CSPP Alumni Opportunity – Post-doctoral Psychology Fellowship

PLACEMENT OPENINGS:  Post-doctoral Psychology Fellowship Stipend (Spanish Speaking Only)

Placement Information

  • Full time internship (40 hours/week). Stipend. No Benefits.
  • One-year agreement
  • 50% of time in the Medical Psychiatry Clinic
  • 50% of time in various rotations described below
  • Interns maintain at least 20 hours of direct clinical services per week.

Main Placement

Medical Psychiatry Clinic

The Medical Psychiatry Clinic provides an integrative approach to psychology, psychiatry, and medicine for the majority of the outpatient medical clinics and their respective staff.  These medical specialties include but are not limited to:  Primary Care, Gastroenterology, Neurology, OGBYN, Oncology, Rheumatology, Cardiology, and Dermatology.  The majority of our referrals are from the Primary Care Clinic and each intern is integrated into the new integrative care clinic where they work side by side with primary care physicians, nurses, and medical assistants, providing the most comprehensive care available for our population.  Referrals typically consist of depression, anxiety, bipolar II, or adjustment disorders related to their medical, psychological, or social issues. In general, we provide individual and group therapy, with occasional opportunities to engage in couples and family therapy.  Interns also have the opportunity to provide neuropsychological and psychodiagnostic testing; however, this is not the primary focus of this internship experience.  We serve the residents of San MateoCounty and are very proud of the diversity of patients seen in any given week.

La Clínica Latina(New to Medical Psychiatry Clinic):  La Clínica Latina is a sub-clinic of The Medical Psychiatry Clinic that provides culturally competent and culturally appropriate evaluations and treatment to its adult Hispanic monolingual Spanish-speaking population with culturally specific psychiatric issues. These issues include: acculturation, culture shock, immigration abuse/ trauma, somatic complaints, language, spirituality, religion, limited education, difficulty maintaining tradition and family, building community and connections. In addition, interns utilize a variety of test measures to objectively assess a client’s level of psychiatric symptoms, such as; depression, anxiety, physiological complaints, and memory problems. Interns provide patients with a multitude of Spanish speaking psychiatric services such as: individual psychotherapy, group therapy, psychoeducational groups, and referrals to medication consultations.  Interns work in close collaboration with Spanish-speaking psychiatry residents to provide ongoing comprehensive psychiatric and psychological treatment for each patient.

 Medical Psychiatry Service Rotations

Rotations are set up by semester, with the change taking place mid year.  An intern is not expected to fulfill every rotation, and efforts will be made to match the rotation with the desires of the incoming intern.

Consult-Liaison Service:  Interns participate on the psychiatry Consult-Liaison Service, a collaboration of the psychiatry residents and the psychology interns, proving comprehensive psychiatric/psychological care for those who are residents on the inpatient or long term care medical units.  Psychiatry rounds take place twice per week, with one day incorporating 45 minutes of didactic training focused on a specific medical-psychiatric issue.  Topics range from medical topics such as dementia, delirium, cardiac, endocrine, or gastroenterology issues, to legal matters such as capacity declaration and how to assess for competency.

In-Patient Psychiatric Services – Group Therapy Rotation:  The in-patient psychiatric unit at San Mateo Medical Center is a 34 bed acute care facility. The unit provides care and stabilization for patients with acute psychiatric illnesses.  Many of the patients are diagnosed with schizophrenia, bi-polar I disorder, psychosis, and severe depression. The group therapy rotation allows interns the opportunity to work closely with patients considered seriously mentally ill.  The intern also works with the inpatient psychiatry team consisting of psychiatrist, nurses, nurses assistant, and discharge planners. Groups are designed and co-led by the psychology interns. Groups established thus far are: mindfulness, coping strategies, psycho-education, cognitive behavioral techniques and dialectical behavioral therapy. Interns are expected to design and run two groups per week.

Palliative Care:    Palliative care focuses on relief of the pain, stress, and other debilitating symptoms of serious illness. At San Mateo Medical Center, our Palliative Care Program provides interdisciplinary, culturally sensitive care to our patients with life limiting illnesses. We provide high-quality, client focused medical, psychosocial, and spiritual care and support for our patients and their family members to alleviate pain and discomfort at the end of life.  The intern will provide real time consultation to patients with life limiting illness and/or their family members.  We meet weekly to discuss cases, and learn about the psychological support surrounding end of life issues.  Therapy with patients and their family members may last from just a few visits to several months and each patient is a unique encounter.

Training and Supervision

2 Hours weekly            Individual Supervision (primary and secondary supervisor)

2 Hours weekly            Group Supervision

1 Hour weekly               Didactic Seminar: Medical Psychiatry and Neuropsychological topics

2 Hours monthly         Didactic Seminar/Psychiatry Case Conference

1 Hour weekly               Behavioral Health and Recovery Services – Psychiatry Grand Rounds

To apply: submit electronically to Dr. Moran including:

  • Cover letter
  • Current CV
  • 3 Letters of recommendation

Note: students must have completed their dissertation before the start date of Fellowship.

Deadline: Until filled

Training Director: 

Maria Moran, Psy.D.            

Phone: 650-573-3457

Spanish Speaking Psychologist :

Lorena Michel, Psy.D.

Phone : 650-573-3420