Clinical Psychology Interest:  Seeking Early Career Professional Mentors

Clinical Psychology Interest: Seeking Early Career Professional Mentors

APA Division 12 Section 10 (dedicated to Graduate Students and Early Career Professionals) has set up a growing mentorship program. The goal is to connect students (mentees) with specifically matched early career professional mentors (up to 7 years out of graduate school). As a mentor, the work involved is anticipated to be minimal — top priorities include connecting with the person over email, setting up a time to speak on the phone, answering specific questions they have, helping them network if that is relevant, and then meeting at the APA conference (if both mentor and mentee attend). We intend for this to be a great opportunity for Mentors to bolster their CV while mentoring a student with related interests and goals.

Two applications have recently been submitted, for whom we are seeking mentors with appropriate interest/expertise. Please contact Rachel Hershenberg, Ph.D. if you are interested in being a mentor:

Mentee 1: Preference for being matched with a woman. She is interested in family/family systems as relevant to treatment, particularly out of primary care. Primary mentorship interest is in receiving guidance on alternative career options if she does not match initially on internship.

Mentee 2: Interested in research and clinical work related to evidence-based practice approaches to trauma and immigration, particularly working with families (both youth and adults). Her specific research interest is in acculturation, torture survivor treatment/TBI, and refugee families. She is looking for mentorship on advice in pursuing an academic/research career and choosing externship(s) and internship.