CFT Presentations at the 2015 AFTA Conference

Alliant International University was very well presented at  the American Family Therapy Academy 37th Annual Meeting/Conference which was held at Vancouver, WA, June 3-6 2015. Between CFT core faculty and students, Alliant participated in 7 poster presentations and 4 paper presentations. Additionally Norma moderated in one session. See details below:

Paper Presentations:

1.     Family Therapy: The East- West Blend: Karen Quek, Hao-Min Chen

2.     Training for connection: Effects of the person of the therapist training (POTT) on the therapeutic relationship: Alba Nino

3.     How does Forgiveness Help LGBT and Interracial Couples Relationships and their Families Integrate Meaning? Gita Seshadri, Nancy Deatrick

4.     Educated Children of Immigrants: Their reality of confusion, marginalization and on a continuum.Patricia Murillo, Martha Morgan, Narumi Taniguichi

Poster Presentations:

1.     Gender in CFT in Classrooms: Female Perspectives: Karen Quek, Martha Morgan, Christie Eppler

2.     Multicultural Supervision: Creating Conversation Regarding Diversity: Nilou Tohidian, Karen Quek

3.     Stories Bridging the Past to the Present in the Lives of the Elderly: Dorothy O’Neill, Farhat Chaudhry

4.     Social exchange theory: Negotiation of Visibility among Gay couples living with HIV. Sohei Fujita

5.     The Challenges of Transition: A New Home for the Elder:  Jonathan Naveen, Farhat Chaudhry

6.  Resilient Cultural Competency: Christie Eppler, Martha Morgan

7.  Diversity and Common Humanity: Finding the Balance in training and clinical work. Alba Nino

Discussion Group:

1.  Voices of Clients in Therapy: Experiences of Social Location and Identity Matter: Moderator Norma Scarborough

Congratulations to everyone on all of these great accomplishments! Below are some pictures from the event. 



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