June 26

California School of Forensic Studies Launches Institute, Advanced Practice Certificates

SAN DIEGO, June 25, 2019 — The California School of Forensic Studies (CSFS) at Alliant International Universityhas launched the California Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Behavioral Science, Public Safety, and Justice. The institute is dedicated to providing law enforcement, security professionals, mental and allied health professionals, and other first responders with practical forensic education and training. The Institute’s Advanced Practice Certificates, all offered online, cover diverse subject areas while […]

December 04

CSPP Fresno: Home to Leading Clinical Forensic Psychology Training

Clinical Forensic Psychology is a fast-growing field. Clinical psychologists practice in many forensic settings and often this occurs while working with the criminal population. Additionally, the field of forensic psychology includes a number of clinical services provided to clients who have non-criminal contact with the legal system. These include divorce, custody mediation, workers compensation and disability evaluations, adoption, and many others. The Clinical Forensic Psychology […]

July 07

What’s the Difference Between Criminology and Criminal Justice

“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” debuted on television in 2000, introducing many people to the unique field of forensics. Although it eventually left the air a decade and a half later (while spawning several spinoffs), the savvy investigators featured on the show left a mark on many viewers. It is projected that through the year 2024, the field of forensic science will grow by 20%–27% higher than […]

July 28

Let My People Play: A Psychological Look at the Benefits of Pokémon Go

By Savannah Chapa Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Pokémon Go— a new addition to the ever so popular Pokémon adventures, where smartphone users can roam their towns catching and training the familiar creatures of their youth. Love it or hate it— it’s a huge hit among kids, teens, and even young adults whose strong nostalgia for the 90’s cartoon and […]

July 27

Bad Wrap: College Students & Mental Health

By Savannah Chapa (A follow up to a recent posting on our CSPP Facebook page, which you can ‘like’ and check out here.) After launching a six-month investigation on their ‘#undercovered’ series, NBC’s Today revealed their findings about mental health on college campuses in late June. The study found that students are being kicked out of school for seeking mental health help. Alarming as this […]

June 24

What is your emotional response to Terrorism?

Terrorism is a public health issue in more ways than one. Besides the obvious threat to life and limb when an individual or group carries out a violent action, there is a measurable emotional response the rest of us have to terrorist acts. These responses can have a profound impact on our behavior. “It’s not the event itself (that exclusively causes the emotional response), it’s […]

April 04

The Inherent Vulnerability of a Terrorist

Today its Islamic extremists, in the past it has been national separatists, ecological radicals, and even rancher militias in the old West. We’ve had them through all ethnicities and causes throughout time; and one thing that we’ve learned from studying the psychology of terror is that it takes a deeply vulnerable individual to become an acting terrorist. Dr. James Turner, expert in counter terrorism and […]

April 04

The Global Community of Terror

By James Turner, PhD Hate, genocide, totalitarianism…three chilling notions all expressed by one sign— the Nazi salute. The dangerous salute was parading down Europe’s de facto capital this weekend; and is the explicit opposite of what a community needs to root out terrorism. In the aftermath of the Brussels terror attacks, the Place de la Bourse has been made in to a makeshift memorial for […]

March 22

Strength through Suffering

The saying “that which doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” is normally only appreciated well after a traumatic event has passed. The cynic would suggest it’s a made up phrase to make people feel better. To Alliant University PsyD program graduate Megan Hawker, it’s something to investigate. The mental health condition post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is well documented and occurs when someone has difficulty […]


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