Call For Proposals – Fresno Behavioral Healthcare Conference

Call For Proposals – Fresno Behavioral Healthcare Conference

On November 13, the Fresno Behavioral Healthcare Conference from 11 – 3.  Attendance at this event is open to anyone on campus and in the community with an interest in Behavioral Health Care, from high school students to professionals.  There will be a career fair, poster session (presented by HS/College students under the mentorship of our own students), and speakers on a variety of topics.

You are invited to play an important role in this event by being one of the speakers!  We are looking for students who would like to present interesting or innovative aspect of their work/research in Behavioral Healthcare with diverse client groups. The presentations are 20 minutes long with 5 minutes for Q and A, and would look great on your vita!  By doing this, you’d serve as a role model and inspiration to students who aspire to be where you are. Presentations can be alone, with a faculty/community member, or with other graduate students. We are looking for topics that address multicultural mental health (e.g., LGBTQ), treatment of diverse populations (e.g., DV treatment for survivors and perpetrators), career paths/skills (e.g., building resume/CV for graduate school), and/or experiential exercises that demonstrate how to work with diverse clients (e.g., relaxation/guided imagery). We are also looking for students who might be interested in being on a panel and talking about the unique career path that led them to psychology.

You are also invited to participate in the poster session by presenting a poster that you have already presented, or will be presenting, at a conference.  This can be added to your CV as a 2nd presentation of same poster. The poster session will be from 12:30-1:30pm on Nov 13th.
Call for Proposals (Deadline Friday, Oct 23rd):

  • Submit the authors, title, and a short abstract (<150 words) describing the content of the poster or proposed presentation
  • Submission Portal:
  • If you have questions or are interested in being on the panel of students who discuss your path to graduate school, then please email Aaron Perkins (
  • The proposals will be reviewed by the conference planning committee, and we will let you know if you have been accepted the following week. The earlier you submit, the better!
  • We will have spots for approximately 6 student presentations

Thank you, and we look forward to your submissions.
I-MERIT Conference Presentation Planning Committee

Jennifer Lovell
Lynette Bassman
Toni Knott
Nashaw Jafari
Aaron Perkins
Diana Le
Jia Jia Tin
Sheila Thomas
Crystal Watterson
Thuy Nguyen