California School of Education hosts World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI) 14th World Conference in Education with the University of Pecs, Pecs, Hungary


San Diego, CA: Karen Schuster-Webb, Founding Dean and Associate Provost for University Engagement at the California School of Education at Alliant together with Estela C. Matriano, WCCI Executive Director and Professor of Cross Cultural Studies and Carole I. Caparros, WCCI Executive Assistant and CSOE Staff were in charge of this world event. It was attended by some 300 educators from 20 countries. It was another very successful world conference of WCCI and CSOE Alliant has always been a Co-Sponsor of this global meeting.

In addition to the CSOE sponsorship and providing leadership in this conference, the following are the specific contributions to the conference program of CSOE Alliant

Karen Schuster Webb, on behalf of Alliant gave greetings to the participants in the Opening Ceremony. She was the Speaker who responded to the celebrated Alice Miel Lecture of the WCCI President during the Presidents' Session.

Estela C. Matriano, delivered the Tribute to Alice Miel, WCCI Founder during the Presidents' Session.

Jerry Miller, CSOE Professor and Program Director of Teacher Education presented a paper: Cyber-bullying: Global Challenges and Solutions and Rural Poverty Mitigation through Apiculture: A Case Study. He also served as the Coordinator of Community Development as one of the Special Interest Groups of WCCI.

Vickie Williams, CSOE Ed.D. Alumna presented a paper: Defining Selected Techniques to Show the Influence of Technology in Promoting Democratic Practices in the Corporate World and in Governance

Ahmed Ali Hassan, CSOE Ed.D Student presented a paper: Different Factors that Influence Academic Success of African Immigrants in higher Education

Rasheed Farrah, CSOE Ed.D. Student presented a paper: Exclusion and Discrimination: The Case of Somali Outcast Groups

Jacquilin Magat, CSOE Ed.D. Student presented a paper: Gawad Kalinga (To Give Care): A Community Building Entrepreneurship for Social and Civic Responsibility Among the Youth.

Ellinor Taylor Stoval, CSOE Ed.D. Student presented a paper: Globalization, Technology and Education in the Bahamas: Differences in Outcome Measures of Students Trained in Traditional and Online Settings.

Rosalina Idos, Cristeta Dumaran and Salvador Idos, CSOE Affiliated Teacher Credentialing Program in Filipino Language presented a paper on Filipino As A Global Language: Focus on the San Diego, California (USA) Model.

John Kantor, MGSM, Alliant presented a paper: Entrepreneurship Ethics and Values in a Turbulent Multicultural World.


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