APA Science Student Council – Washington DC

APA Science Student Council – Washington DC

The APA Science Student Council is a diverse group of graduate students in psychological science who advise the APA Science Directorate on how it can best serve the science student population. Information regarding eligibility and how to apply is listed below.

Deadline: June 5, 2014


Founded in 1993, the APA Science Student Council (SSC) is a diverse group of graduate students in psychological science who serve as an advisory body to the APA Science Directorate. The nine-member SSC pursues a number of projects, including awarding prizes for graduate-level research, organizing student programs for the APA Annual Convention, writing newsletter articles about graduate student issues, advocating for federal funding of psychological research and training, and making recommendations on the directorate’s student programs. The SSC reports to and collaborates with the APA Board of Scientific Affairs and works cooperatively with the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students.

Each spring the directorate seeks applications from graduate students to serve two-year terms that begin on Sept. 1. SSC members are required to attend two weekend meetings per year in Washington, D.C., at APA’s expense, with the potential to attend additional APA governance events. In addition, SSC members are expected to remain available via email during an unofficial third (non-meeting) year to advise new members (this third year can be post-doctoral).

Learn more about the SSC and its current projects and read what it is like to be an SSC member.


To be eligible to serve on the Science Student Council the student must meet each of the following requirements at the time of the application deadline (June 5):

1. Be currently enrolled in a doctoral program in psychology at a regionally accredited university located in the United States or Canada.

2. Be an APA student affiliate member, or join as an affiliate if selected as an SSC member and maintain active affiliate status throughout the SSC term.

3. Expect that, at the beginning of the term (Sept. 1), at least one year of graduate school will have been completed and at least two years of graduate school remain before receiving the doctoral degree.

4. Not be at the same institution as a current member of SSC. Please check the list of current members before applying. Because the SSC strives for diversity in all appropriate ways, including geographic diversity, no more than one student from any given department may occupy a seat on the SSC at any given time.

5. Belong to one of the four research areas that are open for the September 2014-September 2016 term. One person in each of the following areas of research will be selected:

Potential SSC applicants are encouraged to contact current SSC members in their area of interest to discuss the positions and responsibilities. The current members’ contact information is available on the website.

Half of the seats on SSC are filled each year. Applications will be accepted in the spring of 2015 for students in the following areas for the 2015-2017 term:

  • Biopsychology
  • Cognitive Science
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Psychological Methodology

If you have a question about your eligibility, please contact the Science Directorate by telephone (202) 336-6000 or by email.

How to Apply

To apply to be a member of the Science Student Council, please submit the following:

  • A letter of recommendation (not to exceed 500 words) emailed from the student’s advisor, endorsing the nomination.
  • An essay written by the student about how s/he could contribute as an SSC member, any related skills and experience, and any other relevant information (not to exceed 500 words).
  • A description written by the student about her/his research in psychology that demonstrates commitment to psychological science (not to exceed 300 words).
  • An abbreviated curriculum vitae (not to exceed two pages).

Applications are due electronically by June 5, 2014, 11:59 p.m. EST. Please submit all application materials via email.