Adjunct Clinical Psychology Faculty Position at Argosy University, San Francisco

Adjunct Clinical Psychology Faculty Position at Argosy University, San Francisco

All faculty:
Instruct and facilitate meaningful learning of the course competencies in the curriculum and proactively support all facets of the learning environment, as demonstrated by university prescribed assessments.
Provide education through learning-centered instruction that will enable graduates to fulfill the evolving needs of the marketplace.
Encourage a culture of learning that values mutual responsibility and respect, life-long learning, diversity and ethics as well as personal and professional development.

Key Job Elements:
1. Delivers learning-centered instruction
2. Conducts assessments of student and program learning outcomes
3. Prepares for courses as needed, including completing any training and certification required by Argosy University
4. Is available to students outside of class time as stipulated in the faculty standards
5. Mentors students in their academic and professional careers
6. Attends department meetings as requested
7. Participates in scholarly and professional activities or serves the profession and their community in other ways
8. Periodically/occasionally may serve on program, campus, college, and university-wide committees and projects

Reports To: Program Dean

Job Requirements (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities):
1. Knowledge:
1. Doctoral degree in Psychology (PsyD or PhD).
2. Licensed or licensed eligible in California.
3. At least one year teaching experience at the university level
4. Familiarity with Clinical Training.
5. Proficiency with standard office applications on personal computers.

2. Skills:
1. Communication skills: Clearly conveys information and ideas to others both verbally and in writing and demonstrates active listening skills
2. Credibility: Acts in accordance with stated values; follows through on commitments through appropriate project and time management skills; uses ethical considerations to guide values
3. Interpersonal Effectiveness: Facilitates student success by setting goals and motivating students to achieve them, handles conflict in a constructive manner.
4. Judgment/Critical Analysis: Makes sound decisions based on analysis, knowledge, and experience; readily understands complex issues; develops solutions that effectively address problems.
5. Student and College Focused: Makes students and colleagues and their needs a primary focus; creates and/or implements student-focused processes or procedures
6. Professionalism: Participates in all activities in a collegial, ethical and responsible manner. Appropriately, constructively, and productively interacts with students, other faculty, administration and staff.

3. Abilities:
1. Ability to read, analyze, and interpret academic material such as textbooks and journals
2. Ability to respond to inquiries from students, Argosy staff and administration in a timely manner as stipulated in the faculty standards
3. Ability to interpret and analyze data and reports provided by Argosy University
4. Ability to effectively present information to the academic community
5. Ability to problem solve and handle conflict in a constructive manner