2015 AWP Conference (March 5-8th)

2015 AWP Conference (March 5-8th)



        2015 AWP Conference

         March 5-8: San Francisco, Holiday Inn Downtown                          


CSPP/Alliant is a proud sponsor of the AWP Conference and would like to congratulate all student, faculty and alumni presenters (listed below).

This year over 800 mental health professionals, feminist activists, academics and students interested in all aspects of psychology are expected to attend over this 4-day event. The theme for this conference is Feminism and Restorative Justice. This year’s conference  examined the ways feminists and feminist movements can help heal communities and bring about social change through therapy, research, and advocacy. This year’s keynote speakers were Angela Davis—author, activist and professor at UC, Santa Cruz who received a standing ovation after her talk on Black Lives Matters, as well as, Janetta Louise Johnson- Program Director at TGI Justice Project, Sonya Shah and Malachi Scott  from the Insight Prison Project. Click here for more information.

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Here are some pictures from this years conference!

Sonya poster                                    Dr. Porter and student

Sonia Lentz, Poster Presentation (pictured left) and  Rachel Brosamle with Dr. Natalie Porter, Poster Presentation (pictured right)

Rachels poster                                 Dr. Mitchells students 2

Rachel Vedder, Poster Presentation (pictured left) and Dr. Mitchell’s students Ana Plasencia and Esmeralda Zamudio after their symposium presentation (pictured right)

Below is the list of CSPP/Alliant presenters. If you presented at AWP and are not listed below, or if you are listed below and something is incomplete or incorrect, please email CSPPalumni@alliant.edu to let us know and we’ll update it. Thank you!

CSPP Student Presenters:

Summer Angevin, (CSPP-LA, Clinical Ph.D.)

Rachel Brosamle, (CSPP-SF, Clinical Ph.D.)

Laurel Brow, (CSPP-SF, Clinical Psy.D.)

Judith Cavazos, (CSPP-SF, Clinical Ph.D.)

Chelsie Dunn, (CSPP-LA, Clinical Ph.D.)

Jennifer Foster, (CSPP-Fresno, Clinical Psy.D.)

Amy Gadeilis, (CSPP-Fresno, Clinical Psy.D.)

Nicole Johnson, (CSPP-San Diego, Clinical Ph.D.)

Allie Laurie Jr., (CSPP-LA, Clinical Ph.D.)

Sonia Lentz, (CSPP-SF, Clinical Ph.D.)

Kaitlyn Masai, (CSPP-LA, Clinical Ph.D.)

Heather Moore,  (CSPP-Fresno, Clinical Psy.D.)

Kaitlyn Nichols, (CSPP-Fresno, Clinical Psy.D.)

Ana Plasencia, (CSPP-SF, Clinical Psy.D.)

Melody Schaff, (CSPP-SF, Clinical Psy.D.)

Sushana Tamamian, (CSPP-San Francisco, Clinical Psy.D.)

Goldie VanHeel (CSPP-San Francisco, Clinical Psy.D.)

Rachel Vedder, (CSPP-Fresno, Clinical Ph.D.)

Esmeralda Zamudio (CSPP-San Francisco, Clinical Psy.D.)


CSPP Faculty Presenters:

Dr. Michi Fu, Associate Professor (CSPP-LA and CSPP-LA alumna ’02)

Dr. Shawn Giammattei, Adjunct Professor (CSPP-Fresno and CSPP-SF alum ’07)

Dr. Angela Kim, Assistant Professor, (CSPP-SD)

Dr. Sue Kuba, Distinguished Professor (CSPP-Fresno)

Dr. Valory Mitchell, Distinguished Professor, (CSPP -SF)

Dr. Yuki Okubo, Associate Professor (CSPP – SF)

Dr. Rhoda Olkin, Distinguished Professor (CSPP-SF)

Dr. Janie Pinterits, Associate Professor (CSPP-SF)

Dr. Natalie Porter, Professor (CSPP-SF)

Dr. Stefanie Smith, Associate Professor (CSPP-SF)


CSPP Alumni Presenters:
Several faculty (above) are also alumni.  Alumni: If you are presenting, or if you know of any other alumni presenters, please email CSPPalumni@alliant.edu to let us know. Thank you!

Check out our CSPP and I-MERIT booths at this years conference and be on the lookout for them at future conferences!

CSPP booth              imerit