1st Annual Multicultural Neuropsychology Conference

1st Annual Multicultural Neuropsychology Conference

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This past Saturday California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) in Los Angeles held the first annual Multicultural Neuropsychology Conference, hosted by the health psychology emphasis area faculty from the Clinical Psychology PhD and PsyD programs. Four excellent clinical neuropsychologists were invited to speak on varies multicultural topics within the field of neuropsychological research and practice. Some of the topics touched on examining ethic and racial disparities in neuropsychological research, examining cultural differences in malingering and the interpretation of neurocognitive performance validity measures, investigating the relationship between exercise and cognitive functioning across the lifespan, and discussing the importance of sensitivity around immigration, sexism and heterosexism when assessing AIDS-related neurocognitive deficits. In addition to these speakers, students held a poster session during the lunch hour. Both students and faculty collaborated with one another to produce many interesting analyses of findings and/or literature reviews on topics pertaining to the conference. It was truly wonderful to see students actively engaging in discussing those topics.

We had a modest turn out of attendees from the university as well as from the outside community. We also received emails from clinicians across the country expressing their interests and inquiring if we were to be broadcasting the presentations via teleconference.

Overall the first annual conference was a success and hope that next year’s Multicultural Neuropsychology Conference has an even larger turn out. We already have ideas for next year’s theme and will be beginning planning the conference within the next several months.

If you are interested in more information about the conference, including the individual speakers, please click the link below.