Woman leads a classroom in LeadershipAlliant International University’s PhD in Organizational Leadership program in California is ideal for graduate students seeking to explore, identify, and enhance their unique leadership strengths. We prepare our students for an evolving, global landscape of new leadership opportunities and demands.

Our accommodating executive-style format, robust curriculum offerings, compelling practicum and internship opportunities, and impassioned faculty will cultivate your growth in organizational leadership.

Combining the Strengths of Management and Psychology

Organizational leadership is meeting the needs of an organization as a visionary, manager, and coworker, and effectively applying time-tested theories, research, practices, and strategies from today’s and yesterday’s leaders and researchers.

That’s why the PhD in Leadership is a joint program between our  California School of Management and Leadership and renowned California School of Professional Psychology to apply the theories and practices on both individual and organizational levels. As such, it draws upon key principles from distinguished Alliant programs in Organizational Psychology, International Relations, and Business. The result is a holistic, multidisciplinary approach providing a thorough grounding in established leadership theory and practice, plus a focus on the latest thought and current climate in the worldwide leadership arena.

Our leadership program emphasizes cutting-edge communications technologies and their applications for leading within and across the varied sectors of society (public, private, non-profit, education, and media). Special attention is given to cross-cultural and cross-border issues. Equal emphasis is placed on personal values and behaviors, immediate and ongoing enhancement of conceptual and applied leadership skills, increased insight into the many dimensions of leadership, and the formulation of a personal philosophy of leadership.

Accommodating, Executive-Format Weekend Classes

The PhD in Leadership program is designed with working, full-time professionals in mind. Students participate in executive-format weekend courses on our San Diego campus, allowing opportunity to engage in intensive face-to-face interaction with other leaders to exchange ideas, experiences, and visions.

Thought-Provoking Curriculum

Each course of the San Diego-based PhD Leadership program serves as another building block for graduate students’ abilities to manage people on both the micro and macro levels, analyze empirical research, set organizational short-term and long-term goals, demonstrate and teach essential ethics, work within a multicultural organization and international society, and much more. Examples of this practical organizational leadership curriculum include:

  • Creating Change and Innovation via Leadership – Explore how effective leaders can inspire and motivate through the use of various management models in organizational leadership.
  • Theories of Leadership – What’s the difference between authority and leadership? One demands, while the other inspires. One stands above the rest, while the other stands among the rest. Enhance these conceptual and applied leadership skills, gain understanding of the dimensions of leadership, and learn the foundations of leading both inspirationally and with authority.
  • Group Dynamics and Team Leadership – Learn team dynamics, common obstacles, team communication, and effective team-based activities and strategies to help achieve organizational goals.
  • Survey Research – Develop research skills in analyzing, writing, and presenting both qualitative and quantitative research data, and how to empirically collect data from surveys, focus groups, and participant observation.
  • Practicum Opportunities – From Core Leadership to International Leadership, our practicum is designed to build confidence in applying research and knowledge into real-world situations.

Take the Next Step toward Leadership

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