Dr. Louise Kelly at book signing

Dr. Louise Kelly, program director for the PhD in Leadership program at the School of Management at Alliant International University, at a book signing. To read her full bio, click here.

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"What I enjoy most about the program is the flexibility, the faculty and the diversity of students in the classroom. Leadership students come from a variety of backgrounds including military, and corporate industries. Class discussion always offers a well rounded perspective. The faculty are also incredibly supportive." 

Alison Lobus
PhD Leadership


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"Out of all of my educational experiences, this is by far the most useful, informative, engaged, and innovative program I have ever been involved with."

John Santos - PhD Leadership

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PhD in Leadership

Are you an experienced professional who has demonstrated substantial leadership ability in your career? The PhD in Leadership program at Alliant International University could be your best avenue toward further career and personal development. Are you ready to explore, identify, and enhance your leadership strengths, and prepare for new leadership opportunities and demands?

The Leadership PhD unites theory, research and application, and educates citizens of the world, like you, who:

  • Are philosophically and technically prepared to live, lead, and solve problems in a wide variety of settings
  • Are skilled in both the hard and soft leadership and management skills
  • Possess the future-oriented vision to lead effectively in the 21st Century

A Program Built on Unique Strengths

  •  Joint program of Alliant School of Management and California School of Professional Psychology
  • A superb combining of key elements from Organizational Psychology, International Relations, and Business and Management
  • Program targets experienced leaders. Applicants must have demonstrated professional leadership experience
  • Alumni includes Lieutenant Governor of California, top military officers, educational leaders and more
  • Executive format, cohort based model that meets on-site over weekends and that is compatible with fulltime employment


The PhD in Leadership is compatible with full-time employment. The program’s cohort design is in harmony with the busy lives of professionals who are fully engaged. The program incorporates executive-format weekend courses on the San Diego campus in which leaders can engage in intensive face-to-face interaction and exchange ideas, experiences and visions.

Leadership Program Philosophy

Through a broad, multidisciplinary course of studies, blending key elements of organizational psychology, international studies and business, the program provides a thorough grounding in established leadership theory and practice, plus the latest thought and current climate in the worldwide leadership arena. The program emphasizes cutting-edge communications technologies and their use for leading within and across the varied sectors of society (public, private, , educational, and media). Attention is given to cross-cultural and cross-border issues. Equal emphasis is placed on personal values and behaviors, immediate and ongoing enhancement of conceptual and applied leadership skills, increased insight into the many dimensions of leadership, and the formulation of a personal philosophy of leadership.