Alliant’s California School of Management and Leadership is pleased to announce its active candidacy and pursuit of ACBSP accreditation. This accreditation will assure incoming students that Alliant’s MBA program adheres to the highest of academic standards set forth in the ACBSP’s Baldrige-based Standards and Criteria.

The on-campus or online MBA program at Alliant’s California School of Management & Leadership provides advanced business, management, and analytical skills, plus extensive practical experience in applying these skills, particularly in multicultural contexts. The in-class or online MBA degree program is designed to offer flexibility to students who have completed prior business courses.

A current candidate for ACBSP accreditation, the MBA program follows a cohort model, with all students taking the core curriculum courses as a cohort at the beginning of the program, followed by concentration tracks during their remaining program of study.

On-Ground and Online MBA Programs in California

Our MBA program is offered in two convenient formats:

Are you an undergraduate student at Alliant? Students in select bachelor’s degree programs at Alliant may be eligible for an accelerated version of the MBA. To learn more, visit our Fast-Track MBA page.

MBA Courses

The MBA degree is two-year program during which all students take eight core courses and four concentration courses. Our core MBA courses develop your managerial knowledge, analytical capacities, and cultural exposure.

For Non-Business Majors

Students who do not have an undergraduate business major are required to take two additional pre-requisite courses before starting their MBA curriculum.

Concentration Options

Customize your Master of Business Administration with one of our several concentration options. Our MBA concentration programs increase your marketability with focused content in traditional, emerging and interdisciplinary areas of study.

Concentration options include:

On-Campus Schedule:

  • All courses are offered in the evening and scheduling accommodates working professionals. A full course load of two courses per 8-week term requires the student to be in the classroom twice a week.
  • Summer courses are offered in an executive hybrid format to allow students some flexibility in studying schedules.
  • The program follows a cohort model, with all students taking the core curriculum courses as a cohort at the beginning of the program, followed by concentration tracks during their remaining program of study.

Active Pursuit of ACBSP Accreditation

Alliant’s California School of Management & Leadership is in active candidacy and pursuit of becoming the newest ACBSP accredited university. Our candidate status and pending accreditation in the next 2-3 years provides confidence to incoming students that they are investing their education and lives into an MBA program that adheres to the highest of academic standards.

During the next 2-3 years of the accrediting process, Alliant is preparing to…

  • work with the accreditation team to complete a gap analysis, measuring the business school’s current practices and procedures offered against the Baldrige-based Standards and Criteria established by the ACBSP.
  • submit a self-study report documenting the ways in which the program meets each of the standards and criteria.
  • be visited by trained ACBSP evaluators to review the self-study and see in-person how the school delivers business education.
  • receive recommendation from the evaluators to the ACBSP Board of Commissioners that Alliant has met the required standards and criteria.
  • receive accreditation by the Board of Commissioners upon review of the evaluators’ recommendation

From the ACBSP press release: “The fact that Alliant is pursuing ACBSP accreditation shows their commitment to providing the highest quality business education for their students. ACBSP accreditation will certify that the teaching and learning processes within the business and management programs offered at Alliant International University School of Management & Leadership meet the rigorous educational standards established by ACBSP.”

Why Earn Your MBA at Alliant?

  • Candidate for ACBSP accreditation
  • A distinguished history in international management education
  • World class faculty
  • 45,000+ successful alumni in over 100 countries
  • Industry connections and networking opportunities
  • Professional development opportunities: internships, community service learning, personal branding workshops
  • Financial aid to qualified students
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Online MBA degree program and flexible course formats for working professionals
  • WASC-accredited University
  • SAP ERP software training

Get Started Today!

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* Concentration offerings are subject to change and will be reviewed with your academic advisor.