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International Applicants

Alliant takes pride in fostering multiculturalism and diversity on our campuses. We welcome international students to apply and are available to answer any questions regarding the admissions process.

Application Requirements for International Students

In addition to the standard application requirements for each program, international applicants must submit the following information:

  • Official, translated transcripts and results from an educational credential evaluation service agency. The evaluation must include degree equivalency to a 4 year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, US semester credit and grade equivalent for each course, and US grade point average. Any master’s level courses and/or degrees should also be included in the evaluation. To locate an agency, go to www.naces.org.
  • English proficiency must be evidenced by TOEFL and TWE results.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Alliant International Student Financial Certification Form. This form must be completed and submitted if you are not a US citizen and have not been classified by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services as a permanent resident. The Alliant Admissions and Financial Aid Offices will furnish this form upon request. In addition, you must provide an original and most current bank statement showing the required US funds for studying at Alliant. Students accompanied by other family members must certify additional US funds per year for each dependent. Alliant International University will not issue the I-20 Certification of Eligibility until this certification has been submitted.

Please note: International applicants must submit application materials via regular postal service or express mail by the appropriate postmark deadlines. However, you may fax materials to the Admissions Processing Center at (858) 635-4555 in order to expedite the application process. Applicants are still required to submit original materials, as materials which are faxed will not be considered official documents. If you are an international student and you have a fax number, please submit that number with your application in the event that we need to contact you quickly. We also urge all students to use e-mail to expedite the application process.

For more information regarding international applicant document requirements and the Alliant School of Management admissions process, contact: