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"My last three years at Alliant have been incredibly satisfying. I have had the opportunity to teach students about professional identity, attractive personal brand and career development -- and nothing beats the feeling of hearing my students receiving job offers for rewarding careers."

Simon Vetter - Adjunct Faculty - Professional Development

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"In an MBA class with 20 students, I will have at least 14 countries represented. What it means is there is really no one dominant culture here."

Dr. Louise Kelly - Professor of Strategy

Alliant School of Management


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"The MBA program at Alliant School of Management was a perfect fit for my needs and I feel very well prepared for a future leadership position. The program really thrives on diversity of the students and professors who come from all over the world."

Torben Hensiek - MBA 2012

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"What I enjoyed the most about my experience as a DBA student at Alliant, was the international and applied focus - and the diversity in class with students from Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East"

Jorge Avendaño - DBA 2006

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The Student Experience at Alliant's School of Management

Alliant’s School of Management prepares graduates to work immediately and effectively in complex, global organizations. We have been training managers for over 85 years, and have successful alumni in over 100 countries. All our programs are focused on professional practice and multicultural and international application, which will prepare you to become a leader in tomorrow's business world. Join our network of global leaders today.


Alliant School of Management defines the term, “international university:”

  • Successful alumni in over 100 countries
  • Our classrooms reflect international, age and gender diversity
  • We have an international faculty with extensive international experience.
  • Our graduates obtain jobs in multinational corporations and consulting firms around the world


Regardless of the program you choose, you have lots to gain at School of Management. Here are just some of the exceptional advantages we offer:

  • Professional practice opportunities: consulting assignments, professional development workshops, internships, community services learning projects - here and abroad
  • Complimentary SAP (Enterprise Resource Planning) training
  • Diverse learning environment
  • Flexible program schedules: evening business programs, weekend leadership programs and daytime bachelors general education classes
  • Small class sizes, permitting more personalized faculty and student interaction
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Business and Industry Tuition Assistance Program (BITAP): matches up to $1,000 of employer’s annual tuition benefits for their employees
  • Financial aid to qualified students
  • WASC-accredited
  • Student services include:
    • Career guidance
    • Access to alumni and faculty network
    • Interview preparation
    • Mentoring
    • Campus activities and events
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • International Partner Schools in Asia, Europe and Latin America