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Cross-Border Student Coopetition

ASM and UABC (Universidad Autonoma De Baja California) have joined together for the Annual Cross-Border Coopetition.  Student teams from both institutions work together on case studies, which will serve as living documents for future teams and coopetitions.

The students identify a local business, connect with key personnel, and work to identify a strategic issue.  They then consider the underlying cause of the issue.  The purpose of the work is not necessarily to come up with a solution but to understand the issue and apply the research and theory into practice.  The case studies and teams are judged by a panel of experts, and the best case study from each institution wins a prize.

This year's event is being held in April, with the judge's assessments due April 11th. Presentations by the teams took place in early April.  Dr. Louise Kelly is the ASM professor responsible:  "What I really like about this model is that is gives students so much exposure to multiple aspects important to a successful strategist.  There is exposure to local businesses, enhanced critical thinking, cross-border cooperation and an increased awareness of the issues affecting companies.  This is also a continuation of the North American Competitiveness program Alliant has had for the last few years, where students travel to Canada and Mexico to learn more about cross-cultural differences in doing business".

The judges for this year's coopetition are:

Duane Trombly: Principal, PointeBreak Solutions, Inc. Duane has over 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies.  He now works as a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor.
Dr. Ramon Corona: Associate Professor, National University Dr. Corona has a PhD in Education from Ibero University Mexico and over 20 years of corporate experience.  Along with his role at National University, Dr. Corona is also a Marketing Consultant.
Dr. Roberto Weiss: Faculty and Clinical Training Coordinator, Alliant International University Dr. Weiss is a bilingual clinician, family therapist and administrator with experience working across the United States.  He was also Chair of the Cultural Diversity Resource Team for Community Research Foundation.
Miguel Vasquez: CEO and Chairman, California Foundation Fund Miguel Vasquez is the CEO and Chairman of the California Foundation Fund, whose mission is to support the state's low-income population. 

For more information regarding the coopetition, please contact Dr. Kelly.