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"My last three years at Alliant have been incredibly satisfying. I have had the opportunity to teach students about professional identity, attractive personal brand and career development -- and nothing beats the feeling of hearing my students receiving job offers for rewarding careers."

Simon Vetter - Adjunct Faculty - Professional Development

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"In an MBA class with 20 students, I will have at least 14 countries represented. What it means is there is really no one dominant culture here."

Dr. Louise Kelly - Professor of Strategy

Alliant School of Management


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"The MBA program at Alliant School of Management was a perfect fit for my needs and I feel very well prepared for a future leadership position. The program really thrives on diversity of the students and professors who come from all over the world."

Torben Hensiek - MBA 2012

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"What I enjoyed the most about my experience as a DBA student at Alliant, was the international and applied focus - and the diversity in class with students from Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East"

Jorge Avendaño - DBA 2006

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School of Management Locations: San Diego & Mexico City


San Diego, California, home of School of Management’s stateside campus, is known for its ideal weather. It is also an ideal learning environment. The region’s diverse demographics, range of organizations and complex economy create a perfect climate for forward-thinking business and management professional preparation. San Diego’s leading employers are in biotech, technology and defense, with plentiful opportunities for internships, jobs and research projects in these sectors and others.

The region attracts students from all over the world. Our campus comprises about one-third international students, with an equally diverse faculty and staff.


With a population of approximately 1.3 million, San Diego is the eighth-largest U.S. city and the second-largest city in California.  According to Forbes magazine, San Diego was the ninth-safest city in the country in 2010. Salaries are well above the state average. Job growth in the region is projected to be robust between 2011 and 2016, with these areas expected to grow by more than 15 percent: Professional and business services, Information technologies, Other services, Wholesale trade, Leisure services, Financial activities and Construction. 

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At Alliant International University’s Mexico City campus, centrally located in the city’s business and financial district, our multicultural student population enjoys personalized attention from highly qualified academics and professionals from Mexico and visiting faculty from abroad. Classes are offered year-round and are taught in English.

Alliant International University’s Mexico City campus began life as the local ​branch of United States International University, with the vision of overcoming international differences through education, more than thirty years ago. Alliant offers unique educational opportunities in Mexico for both local and international students.

Alliant’s School of Management in Mexico City is ideal for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of Latin America and/or is planning on doing business in the region.

  • Latino students from the U.S. can gain a greater appreciation of their personal history and build the academic and professional links to become truly bi-cultural.
  • Mexican students will value the opportunity of studying at an accredited U.S. university, at local tuition rates, without having to leave the country.

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