Fulbright Scholar from the Island of Mauritius Continues to Excel at Alliant

Meet Shameem Heetun, Fulbright Scholar at Alliant’s School of Management! She came to the U.S. from her native country of Mauritius, an island off the eastern coast of Madagascar, to pursue a doctoral degree in strategic management at Alliant’s San Diego campus.

  • Why were you chosen as a Fulbright scholar?The Fulbright Program is very competitive. Its aim is to produce leaders who will play an important role in their countries. I came across as an enthusiastic person who has the ability to pursue studies in the U.S. and initiate changes in my country upon my return.  I’ve always been an agent of social change. I am a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce International, a worldwide organization that participates actively in community projects. In Mauritius, my work for the Chamber was with the handicapped, helping them market and sell handmade crafts. At graduate school in the UK, I participated in a green building project for the university that was implemented while I was there. Additionally, I started a recycling initiative for faculty and students and participated as a student representative on various committees.
  • Why did you decide to come to Alliant?My field of study is strategy. Igor Ansoff, who is considered as the ‘Father of Strategic Management’ and coined the very term ‘strategic management’, taught at Alliant for 17 years, precisely on the San Diego campus. It was very inspiring for me to study in this environment, so I chose Alliant.
  • What have you been up to during your time here at Alliant? What have you accomplished? I have learned a lot about the American culture and other cultures. I have also discovered the American education system, which is quite different to the UK/British system that I was used to. I am passionate about my studies, so I became Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) Club president. I organize events for business students to share ideas, stresses and exchange friendship. I am also president of the new International Businesswomen’s Club. Our plan is to invite local businesswomen to join, once we have set the right bases. The plan is to even go international. Furthermore, I am public relations officer of the International Student Association. One of the highlights of my role has been organizing a parade of nations on United Nations Day, which is something I definitely want to replicate in my country. I volunteer on the IVAT [Institute on Violence, Abuse and Trauma] team, working on a national campaign to eliminate child abuse in the U.S. by 2015.  In the spring, I taught a statistics class to my fellow students.  Last but not least, I discovered the virtues of yoga on campus and it’s a discipline I now practice regularly.
  • Can you tell us something unique about yourself or something that you are especially proud of?I am an engineer who took on an accounting career and qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant. I worked for one of the Big4 accounting firms worldwide and am now a Fulbright Scholar studying towards my doctorate degree in strategic management.I think that believing in oneself is the best way to go forward and no mountain is too high to climb. I’ve visited four continents.
  • In your opinion, what does Alliant do right? What could it do better?Alliant is committed to being multi-cultural and diverse and that is one of its many strengths. I believe that it should continue to grow and establish its name and reputation as one of the best schools of the country.

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