News from Institute of Violence, Abuse, and Trauma's 13th International Conference in San Diego

San Diego, CA: The Institute of Violence, Abuse, and Trauma at Alliant International University is hosting the 13th Annual International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma this coming September in San Diego. IVAT's Conference will feature Headline Speakers on Clergy Abuse, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Elder Abuse, Teen Violence and more.


* While Violence, Abuse and Trauma Tear Communities Apart, IVAT Brings Leading Experts Together
* After 13 Years Hiding her Children from a Violent Father, Mom will Receive Medal of Courage from CA Protective Parents Association

Highlights of the conference include:

* Promoting and Creating Positive Fatherhood Models: The Max Geffner Memorial Panel. Herschel Walker, Oliver Williams, Ph.D., Steve Ambrose, Ph.D., Robert Geffner, Ph.D. Monday September 15 at 2:00pm.
* In God We Trusted: Understanding and Treating Clergy Sexual Abuse. Kevin Connors, Seaaira Reedy. Monday, September 15 at 11am.
* Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Your Community and in Indian Country. Jacqueline Manley, Elizabeth Avelar, Megan Lenaghan, Patti Fox.
Monday September 15 at 2:00pm.
* Teen and Gang Violence: From Theory to Practice.
Murray Straus, Ph.D., Edward Chan, Ph.D., Father Greg Boyle.
Tuesday, September 16 at 2:30pm.
* Ethno-Cultural Aspects of Violence and Abuse.
Joseph White, Ph.D., Leslye Orloff, J.D., Oliver Williams, Ph.D., David Mathews, Psy.D., Anabel Bejarano, Ph.D.
Tuesday September 16 at 10:30am.
* Working with Traumatized Military Veterans: Integrating Research, Practice, and Policy.
Shad Meshad, Capt. William Nash (ret.), Capt. Paul Hammer.
Tuesday September 16 at 10:30am.
* Abused Elders- The Forgotten Victims of Family Violence: The Rosalie Wolf Memorial Panel. Susan Somers, J.D., Georgia Anetzberger, Ph.D., Lisa Nerenberg, J.D.
* Sex Crimes and Paraphilia Research Symposium.
Bill Holcomb, Ph.D., Eric Hickey, Ph.D.
Saturday September 13, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

About IVAT

IVAT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for those affected by violence, abuse, and trauma by providing professional training and information dissemination on a local, national, and international level.

About Alliant International University

Alliant International University is a private nonprofit university celebrating its 85th anniversary this year. Founded in San Diego as Balboa College, Alliant now includes the former United States international University (USIU) and the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP).CSPP counts roughly half the licensed psychologists in California as its alumni and is celebrating its 40th anniversary. USIU has tens of thousands of alumni worldwide.

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