Water and Power Event

This year, Alliant International University is collaborating with the San Diego Repertory Theater to produce some of the Surround Events for the upcoming play, Water and Power, by Richard Montoya of Culture Clash. This group, America's premier Latino theatre troupe, has been called "the Marx Brothers meet the Rolling Stones." They are sly and incisive theatrical anthropologists, commentators on who we are today, in an America that has never looked the way it does before. Trust us... nobody writes about Californians like they do! Additionally, $9 from each regular ticket or $5 from each student ticket sold for the play that evening will go toward the scholarship fund of Fiesta San Diego when purchasing your ticket mentioned the code "MONT." Please visit: www.sdrep.org

We would like to invite you to join us to one of three exciting panel discussions to be held on :

Wednesday October 22 at 6 pm for the panel and 7 pm performance, with panelists: Dr. Geoffrey Cox, President, Alliant International University, Aida Bustos Garcia, Editor, Enlace Newspaper, Dr. Jaime Romo, Professor, University of San Diego and Howard Wayne, Co-Chair, San Diego Latino-Jewish Coalition and former California Assembly member.

*Friday, October 24, at 7 pm (right before the 8 pm show). The title of the panel is Latino Dilemmas of Leadership: Identity, Culture, and Power, and Richard Montoya, the writer, will be part of the panel. The surround event and evening will be hosted by the San Diego chapter of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA), by MANA, and by the Mexican American Business and Professional Association (MABPA), in collaboration with Alliant International University's Marshall Goldsmith School of Management. Confirmed panelists: Josie Calderon, President of Mexican American Business and Professional Association, Dr. Rita M. Cepeda, President of San Diego Mesa Community College, David Valladolid, Executive Director for the Parent Institute for Quality Education, Richard Montoya, Actor and Writer for Water and Power Play, Marco Polo Cortes, Executive Director, San Diego County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Guadalupe R. Corona, President of the Latina/Latino & Indigenous Peoples Unity Coalition and Systemwide Director for Latino Achievement Initiatives and Rosa Robles, President of San Diego County MANA.

*Thursday October 30 at 7 pm (right before the 8 pm show). Sam's Saloon presents "Latino Power, Gringo Power: What's the Difference?" with panelists Dr. Bernardo Ferdman and Jose Apointe, Director, San Diego County Libraries.

*Sunday, November 2, at 6 pm (right before the 7 pm show). The title of the panel is San Diego's First Latino Mayor, and it will be facilitated by Bernardo M. Ferdman, Ph.D, Professor in the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management at Alliant International University. The surround event and evening will be hosted by the San Diego Latina/Latino & Indigenous People's Unity Coalition, in collaboration with Alliant International University's Latino Achievement Initiative. Latinos comprise more than 30% of San Diego County's population and 36% of California's. This distinguished panel will examine the qualities, characteristics, and political trajectory of San Diego's first Latino mayor (since statehood). Panelists will address questions related to who might fit the bill, when he/she will be elected, and what the political landscape might be when that happens.

Confirmed panelists: Bob Filner, Congressman, Luis Natividad, Councilman, City of National City, Dr. Isidro Ortiz, Professor, San Diego State University, Lori Saldana, Assembly member and facilitated by Dr. Bernardo Ferdman.

About Water and Power
Ensemble leader Richard Montoya has written a truly humorous, tough-minded and penetrating look at Southern California's power politics, and the Latinos and Gringos who hold our future in their hands. Ranging from the hilarious to the chilling, this is a gripping piece of Southern California noir fiction in the tradition of Raymond Chandler, Walter Mosley and the film "Chinatown." At the center of the intrigue lives the power of brotherly love as two brothers, flush with the temptations of new and immense influence, attempt to save themselves from the abyss of real politic.

The Story
A hardworking Chicano father nicknamed his twin sons Water and Power, underscoring the family motto: "There is no power without water, and no water without power." Water has become a rising star State Senator with his eye on Washington; Power is an honored Police Lieutenant who breaks all the rules. It has been raining for 17 days and nights. The brothers are trapped inside Motel Paradise on Sunset Boulevard. On the eve of an election that could propel Water's political career into the fast lane, Power has ignited a life-or-death scandal that threatens to derail the lives and dreams of each of them. The brothers, and the city, are in trouble. This is theatre of the moment: Montoya's careening, buoyant imagination bursts forth in an explosive story that is political, social, satirical, ethnic, fearless, often moving and always dramatic. Water & Power won the Los Angeles Theatre Critics Circle and Ovation Awards for Best New Play when it premiered in 2006. REP audiences will be the first to see this award-winning work prior to its feature film debut at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009.