Hurwich Library to Host Inaugural Art Exhibition, "Cultures Crossing Borders: Breaking the Silence"

Immigration has generally been portrayed as a problem by the government and the media, but the historical and current events that create the need for immigration are often ignored in discussions. Unfortunately, the people who have the most at stake in this issue-the immigrants, their families, and their descendants-rarely have the opportunity to share their experiences and perspectives with the general public. In truth, immigration is a complicated issue that should be viewed from several angles before judgments are made and decisions are reached.

The exhibition, entitled Cultures Crossing Borders: Breaking the Silence, features three San Francisco Bay Area artists sharing Mexican roots and presents their perspectives on issues related to the immigrant population:
  • Ylan Luna, a self-taught artist who was raised in Oaxaca, Mexico, creates artwork that shows the suffering caused by political corruption in his hometown, and the activist spirit that resulted from it.
  • Efrén Alvarez presents from firsthand experience the various challenges and hardships faced by undocumented immigrants: the dangers of crossing the border, the long separation from their families, and the prejudiced stereotypes which negatively affect their lives.
  • Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo, born in the United States after her parents emigrated from Mexico, paints colorful scenes of indigenous Mesoamerican ritual dance, also known as “Aztec Dance.” The ritual dances are an important and symbolic part of Mexican heritage which are now practiced on both sides of the border due to immigration.

An opening reception will be held on Friday, January 27th, 2012 from 6-9 pm in the Hurwich Library.

Where:  Hurwich Library, Alliant International University
               One Beach Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

When:   Jan. 23 - March 9, 2012

Exhibition HoursMon.-Thurs. - 8:30am-9pm | Fri.-Sat. - 8:30am-5pm –|Sun. - 11am-5pm