Call for Applications: 2012 APF Violet and Cyril Franks Scholarship

Posted on behalf of Dean Morgan Sammons, PhD:


American Psychological Foundation (APF) Mission and Funding

The APF provides financial support for innovative research and programs that enhance the power of psychology to elevate the human condition and advance human potential both now and in generations to come.  It executes this mission through a broad range of scholarships and grants.  For all of these, it encourages applications from individuals who represent diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, and sexual orientation.

The annual Violet and Cyril Frank Scholarship supports a graduate level project to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.  Its description, application requirements, and procedures appear below.

APF supports original, innovative research and projects.  Although APF favors unique, independent work, the Foundation does fund derivative projects that are part of larger studies.


Stigma is a significant impediment to treatment and recovery for many of the 50 million Americans and countless others world-wide who are living with mental illness.  This program seeks to promote the application of psychology toward mitigation of this problem through support of promising graduate students whose work is consistent with this objective.

Program Goals

  • Encourage talented students to orient their careers toward engaging stigma issues
  • Develop strategies and interventions to reduce discrimination and stigmatization suffered by victims of mental illness
  • Develop strategies and interventions to improve public understanding of mental illness and reduce harmful misconceptions

Funding Specifics

$5,000 annual award

We do not allow indirect costs to be taken out of grant monies, although applicants can use grant monies for stipend support and other administrative costs (software, materials, etc.).  Our policy on this is as follows, from the grant terms and conditions document:

No Institutional Indirect Costs.  The entire grant must be provided to the individual grantee for the stated purpose.  The grant may not be used to pay institutional indirect costs or overhead.  If funds will be administered by the grantee’s institution, the institution must affirm in writing that it will waive all administrative fees and charges for indirect costs. This assurance may be provided through the signature of a responsible official on this agreement. This assurance must be received before the funds can be released.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time graduate student
  • Good standing at an accredited university
  • Demonstrated commitment to stigma issues
  • IRB approval must be received from host institution before funding can be awarded if human participants are involved

Evaluation Criteria

  • Conformance with stated program goals
  • Quality of proposed work
  • Applicant’s demonstrated scholarship and competence

Proposal Requirements

  • Description of proposed project to include goal, relevant back ground, target population, methods, anticipated outcomes
  • Format: 5 pages (1 inch margins, no smaller than 11 point font)
  • Budget
  • CV
  • Letter of recommendation from faculty advisor

Submission Process and Deadline

Submit a completed application online at May 15, 2012.

Questions about this program should be directed to Parie Kadir, Program Officer, at

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