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Personal Information

California School of Professional Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Hong Kong

Visiting Professor


Alliant International University San Francisco
One Beach Street, Suite 100
San Francisco CA 94133-1221

Courses, Research Interests, Publications

Chemical Dependency Workshops

Psychodiagnostic Assessment

Biological Basis of Behavior

Dissertation Seminar


PsyD Clinical Dissertation Seminar

Cognitive and Affective Psychology

Statistics and Research Design

Psychotherapy methods and outcome; Buddhist perspectives on cognitive psychology; psychometrics and statistics; international and multicultural research; psychodiagnostic assessment; institutional studies; psycholinguistics

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Tori, C. D., and Emmvardhana, T. (2554) [2001]. Self concept, ego defense mechanisms and personality traits of young men involved in homosexual prostitution.Thammasat University Journal of Liberal Arts, 1 (2), 68-84.

Academic History and Background

BS, Biological Sciences, University of Dayton, 1964

MA, Psychology, California State University, San Jos, 1969

PhD, Psychology, University of Kentucky, 1971

Licensed Psychologist (Clinical), California (PSY 4104)

Haggin Fellowship: University of Kentucky

Dissertation Year Fellowship: University of Kentucky

Professional Practice and Community Service

Psychological dimensions of religious healing.

Spirituality as a salutogenic factor in African-American adolescents: Understanding the relationship among religion, health, and well-being.

The effects of political violence on childhood aggression in Israel.

Barriers to consistent condom use: A major HIV risk factor among homeless adolescents.

Teaching mothers in recovery how to communicate about their addiction with their children.

Family characteristics of Hispanic male adolescents involved in youth gangs.

Illness meaning and psychosocial adjustment in individuals with Lupus.

Travel Vipassana meditation Psycholinguistics Physical exercise