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Personal Information

California School of Professional Psychology

Clinical Psychology

San Diego Campus

Alan Lincoln, Ph.D., MSCP, BCBA-D


Alliant International University San Diego
10455 Pomerado Road
San Diego CA 92131


Courses, Research Interests, Publications

Clinical Psychopharmacology

Assessment of Intelligence

Early childhood psychopathology; biological and neuropsychological basis of autism and neurodevelopmental disorders; neurodevelopmental effects of child abuse; attention deficit/hyperactivity and severe language disorders; assessment of children; differential diagnosis and treatment of childhood psychotherapy

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Akshoomoff, N., Lord, C., Lincoln, A.J., Courchesne, R., Carper, R., Townsend, J., Courchesne, E. (2004). Outcome Classification of Preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorders using MRI Brain Measures Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 43, 3, 349-358.

Quirmbach LM, Lincoln AJ, Feinberg-Gizzo MJ, Ingersoll BR, Andrews SM. Social stories: mechanisms of effectiveness in increasing game play skills in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder using a pretest posttest repeated measures randomized control group design.

Academic History and Background

Post-doctoral Master of Science Clinical Psychopharmacology

Ph.D. California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego, 1980

Fellow: San Diego Psychological Associatio

American Psychological Association (APA)

California Psychological Association

Professional Practice and Community Service

Reviewer NIH Small Business Innovative Research

Director: Center for Autism Research, Evaluation and Service, Inc.

Investigator NIH sponsored research

Board Member San Diego County Autism SocietySouthern California Regional Autism Task Force