Graduate Admissions Policies

All graduate applicants must satisfy procedures and criteria for admission to Alliant and must submit acceptable certified documents, which verify that they have satisfactorily completed all admission requirements. Students who meet all requirements will be considered for graduate admission to the University but are not guaranteed admission. The Office of Admissions may refuse admission or rescind an offer of admission to applicants who do not abide by the standards of the Graduate Student Handbook or if it is determined that application information is fraudulent, misleading or incorrect.

If Alliant become aware of any arrest(s) and/or convictions(s) on the record of a student (excluding traffic violations) who is seeking a training placement, the OPT staff, agent or representative will inform the training site of the arrest(s) and/conviction(s). Arrest(s) and/or conviction(s), dependent upon severity and nature, may compromise Alliant International University’s ability to place the student at the prospective — or alternative — training site and may compromise the student’s ability to obtain training hours necessary for the completion of academic requirements. Alliant International University has no authority nor bears any responsibility for ensuring placement at training sites for students with arrest(s) and/or conviction(s).

Incomplete Applications

Alliant International University does not guarantee review of applications which are incomplete or submitted after priority deadlines, and fees are not refunded under these circumstances.

Applying to More than One Location

You may apply to one degree program at multiple campuses using one application form, with location preference in ranked order; you may not apply to more than one degree program in the same year unless you are not accepted at your first choice program. A multi-location applicant is considered for admission at the locations in the order of preference indicated on the application form. An applicant not admitted to a higher-choice location is then considered for the next choice location, and so on. A multi-location applicant admitted to one location is not considered for admission by subsequently ranked locations. A multi-location applicant may at any time forfeit consideration at one location and have the application forwarded to the next choice. Once having forfeited consideration at a location, the applicant cannot be reconsidered there in the same year for that specific program.


If you have applied to Alliant International University (or CSPP or USIU) in a prior year you must submit a new application form, fees and essay. Transcripts, course descriptions and letters of recommendation are usually kept on file for one year and thus need not be resubmitted if you are applying within one year after submitting a previous application. However, transcripts of any additional coursework must be submitted, and since it is our policy to destroy recommendations for enrolling students, under some circumstances this material is not available in a subsequent year. If you are a reapplicant, you are considered for admission on the basis of your new application.

Applicants may attempt to gain admission to Alliant three times. You may apply in three separate years, to three separate specialties or degree programs, or a combination. Alliant will not accept further applications from individuals who fail to gain admittance after three attempts.

Review Process

Applications and supporting documents are reviewed by the Admissions Processing Center for completeness and then sent to the program for review. If interviews are required for admission to a program, the designated program review committee examines all applications and decides which of those candidates who meet the academic entry requirements should be interviewed. In those cases, final admissions decisions are made after the results of the interviews have been reviewed.

Notification of Decisions

The reasons for an admissions decision on an application are not shared with the applicant. Alliant International University receives many more applications that meet our basic requirements than there are places available. There is no appeal process for graduate admissions decisions. All Alliant admissions decisions are final.

If you are admitted while continuing graduate or undergraduate coursework, you are expected to maintain the standard of academic performance on which your admission is based until enrollment; failure to do so may void the Acceptance Agreement. Therefore, if you are admitted you must submit transcripts of all work completed between acceptance and enrollment prior to fall registration.

Alliant adheres to a resolution adopted by the Council of Graduate Schools and supported by APA, COGDOP and NCSPP protecting applicants against the need to make premature acceptance decisions, for applicable graduate programs. Thus, Alliant allows all doctoral applicants until at least April 15 to accept the University’s offer of admission.

Conditional Admission

Applicants who have not submitted all of the required documents may be admitted on a conditional basis in some instances. Conditionally admitted graduate students must present the required documents within the first term of study. Failure to do so will prohibit further registration and eligibility for financial aid. International students cannot be admitted on conditional status.

Acceptance, Matriculation Deposit and Final Documents

Admitted applicants to Alliant must sign and submit the Acceptance Agreement and submit a new student deposit to hold a place in the class. This fee is $600 for doctoral programs and $300 for master’s programs.

The Acceptance Agreement and deposit are due two weeks after the date of notification. If a response is not received by the date specified, the place will be offered to another applicant. Students who decide not to accept an offer of admission from a program are urged to notify the campus admissions office in writing as soon as possible so that their places may be offered to other applicants.

The Acceptance Agreement states any entry requirements that must still be met before being fully admitted that the student has not met. An admitted student is expected to maintain the standard of academic performance upon which admission was based during the time between acceptance and enrollment. Official transcripts of all work completed between acceptance and enrollment must be furnished to Alliant prior to fall registration in order for the student to enroll. Required degrees in progress at the time of application must be conferred prior to enrollment at Alliant and Alliant must receive an official transcript verifying degree conferral.

Deferred Admission

Admission is normally granted only for the current year. However, under special, documented circumstances, admitted students may be granted a one-year deferment. Petitions should be directed to the Office of Admissions and must be received by June 1. Those granted deferment must submit the matriculation fee upon deferral. Deferrals are not automatically granted.

International Students

Alliant International University welcomes international applicants whose academic work and English proficiency is of the highest level. All international students must carry a full course load in their program in order to qualify for an I-20 certification. All international students must submit the documents described in the admissions requirements.

Credit for Previous Graduate Work

Applicants to Alliant graduate programs may be eligible to receive credit for previous graduate work. These credits must be completed with a grade of a B or better from a regionally accredited institution within the past seven years. A maximum of 6 semester units of graduate coursework can be accepted into a master’s program of 40 semester hours or less and a maximum of 9 semester units in an academic program of 41 semester units or more. A maximum of 30 semester units can be accepted into a doctoral program. All applicants must meet the graduate level entry requirements for the program of application before they will be reviewed for transfer credit. More information relating to the total allowable course units and courses that may be waived for each program is available in the university catalog and from the program office or an academic advisor.

Doctoral Candidacy

Advancement through an Alliant graduate program is based on demonstrated competencies. Thus, with respect to doctoral programs, admission does not constitute admission to doctoral candidacy. Students are evaluated by the faculty for advancement to the next year level at the end of the second year and at the completion of pre-candidacy requirements for those who have entered with credit for previous graduate work.

Special Status/Non-Degree Applicants

An applicant seeking part-time, non-degree study should contact the Office of Admissions at the appropriate location for a Special Status Application form. Information about registration procedures is available from the campus Registrar’s Office. Many advanced doctoral level courses, including field placement, seminar and dissertation experiences are not available to part-time, non-degree students.

A student who is classified as Special Status/Non-Degree need not necessarily meet the admission requirements for a degree program, but may be requested to submit supporting documentation. From this admission status a student may apply for full admission to the University through the regular admission process. If the student becomes a degree-seeking student, a maximum of 9 semester units of work earned while in the Special Status/Non-Degree category may be applied toward a degree program.

Special Status/Non-Degree students are not eligible for financial aid. In cases in which class space is limited, degree-seeking students will have enrollment priority. Some courses are not permitted to be taken by any Special Status/Non-Degree students.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, only enrolled students, not non-matriculated applicants, have access to academic records including the application material on file at Alliant International University. All documents presented for admission or evaluation of credit become the property of Alliant International University and may not be returned to the applicants. Therefore, please keep copies of all the information you submit to us. Most material is kept on file for one year; it is not kept indefinitely.