The vision of Alliant’s Latino/a Achievement Initiative is to promote Alliant as a Hispanic-serving institution that focuses on meeting the higher education needs of traditionally underserved Latino/a populations, as well as offering expertise about Latino/as to all Alliant students, faculty, and staff. The Latino/a Achievement Initiative is guided by a holistic perspective of education that honors the whole person and considers the student not only as an individual, but as a member of a family and a community.

The goal of the Latino/a Achievement Initiative is to create a university culture characterized by a vibrant Latino/a-friendly environment which integrates culturally-sensitive and competent approaches to education and training in support of students’ higher education goals. Specific objectives of this initiative include:

  • To work with community partners to develop educational pipelines for Latino/a students, leading to higher education.
  • To support the retention, graduation and career placement of Latino/a students by providing culturally sensitive and relevant programs and services.

For more information:
Dr. Guadalupe Corona
Director, Latino Achievement Initiative
Phone: 858-635-4435