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Dr. Akiko Mikamo

CSPP Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Akiko Mikamo, from Global Psychologist to Documentary Filmmaker


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Whether you’re studying for a master’s degree or would like to enroll in one of our undergrad programs, Alliant International University will set you up for success. From a foundation of inclusiveness, we help you understand the uniquely diverse needs facing the communities in which you’ll work. When studying at one of our undergrad or graduate programs at our private California university, you'll take with you the skills and confidence needed to make an impact on those communities — and the world beyond. 

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"In my experience with Alliant it was very clear from the start that there was a commitment to education being the great equalizer—and so I feel like I got tools through my learning at Alliant that are allowing me to become a better teacher and reach out to everyone in my classrooms."
Evelyn Serrano
Alumna, California School of Education (CSOE)
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"I deliberately chose CSPP because it is a professional school, I knew I wanted to be a practitioner, and I went to Alliant for that unique model. The school provided a good balance for making you a good consumer of data and science, yet also preparing you to work as a professional."
Mark Blankenship
Alumnus, California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP)

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