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Meet Our Students

Hear what HSOE alumni have to say about how their education paved the way to making a difference in the field of education...

"It is impossible to put into words how great my classes are going. The kids are rising to challenges that they never thought possible, they love being in my class and are doing really great work. I love getting up in the morning and coming to work! These kids amaze me every single day... I would like to thank each of you personally for shaping me into the teacher that I am!"

George Brandley, Green Dot Public Schools Los Angeles, California Class of 2008, TeachersCHOICE Early Completion Option Program

"I graduated from Alliant with a master's degree and a PPS credential, and I'm now a School Psychologist in Northern California at Duarte Unified School District. There are many reasons why I chose Alliant—the small classes, the availability of faculty and resources, and the instructors being professionals in their field—this is just part of why I chose Alliant. I enjoyed how the coursework was incorporated into the practicum experiences. My experience at Alliant is one that is invaluable and has made me confident in knowing that I am prepared for a successful and rewarding career."

Margaret Guercio, MAE & PPS Class of 2004

"The educational leadership and management doctoral program at Alliant allowed me the opportunity to collaborate, network and learn from other educators. The rigorous curriculum and the experience of learning higher levels of critical thinking now allow me a perspective with which to analyze and perceive situations from varied angles. I know I have grown academically, and now have the opportunity, as an elementary school principal, to apply what I have learned to positively affect student achievement."

Davinder K. Sidhu, EdD Principal, Wishon Elementary, Fresno California Class of 2006

The hands-on nature of my master's program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) gave me the opportunity to develop new strategies and hone my skills in teaching language learners. The TESOL faculty were expert researcher-practitioners who enthusiastically supported my efforts and development. The program definitely opened several professional doors for me at renowned institutions.