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Instructions for Posting Research Solicitations

To have your research added to this page, please contact Hiroko Ida at hida@alliant.edu or (858) 635-4038.

Your request MUST include and should be organized as follows:

  • Project Title:
  • Researcher(s) Name(s):
  • Study Summary:  Brief summary (maximum 100 words), and specific details about the demographic group(s) requested to participate.
  • Contact Information:  If interested in participating, how and who should be contacted. Include any links to surveys in this section.
  • Indicate in which category your study should be listed:  If more than one applies, choose the category you feel will most likely be viewed by potential participants. Please choose only one category.
  1. Training and Education at Alliant: Professional Issues
  2. LGBT
  3. Family and Couple Relationship Studies
  4. Clinical Samples
  5. Crime and the Justice System
  6. Workplace
  7. Personality, Stress, Coping, Decision-Making, Problem-Solving
  8. Other Topics

Documentation of IRB approval:  A copy of the official IRB approval letter signed by your campus IRB Chair MUST be attached to your request.

Your solicitation will remain on the website for 4 months. You may request a 4 month extension if you have not filled your sample. If your research sample is filled before the expiration of your online solicitation, notify Hiroko Ida via email at hida@alliant.edu.

Before submitting your request, please review the policy for research participants listed below.

Research Requests Policy 2012