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Welcome from President Cox

Welcome to Alliant International University! 

As you explore Alliant.edu, I hope you will get a sense of Alliant’s unique strengths. Alliant is a university devoted primarily to professional education, preparing students for rewarding careers that require advanced knowledge and skills. It is one of the nation's most diverse institutions, with a deep commitment to expanding access and incorporating cultural competencies in every program.  It is a family of schools and campuses bound together by a common mission and shared values.  

Alliant’s faculty and students view active participation in their communities and professions as anessential part of the educational process. We measure the quality of our scholarship and applied learning opportunities both by traditional academic standards—since 2005 our students and faculty have given more than 2000 presentations at professional conferences and published more than 700 articles and books—but also by the impact our students and faculty have on their professions and in the world. By that second measure we are doing well.  Our students contribute more than 1 million hours of service per year through internships and fieldwork. Our alumni touch the lives of millions of people in practically every part of the world.  

Alliant has an unusual history. It has developed over the years through a series of mergers and “alliances” among several institutions, each of which has enriched our institutional culture. The theme that most clearly stands out throughout this history is one of innovation. For more than 100 years, Alliant and its legacy institutions have been pioneers in higher education.Our goal is to continue to adapt and change to better meet the needs of our rapidly changing world. 

I am very proud to be a part of this community of extraordinary students, faculty, staff and alumni.  I invite you to learn more about us, and to explore ways to join us. 



Geoffrey M. Cox, PhD
Alliant International University


Geoffrey M. Cox has been president of Alliant International University since 2004.  Prior to joining Alliant he held senior administrative and academic positions at Stanford University and the University of Chicago.  He has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Chicago and an undergraduate degree from Knox College.