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For Prospective Students


Service, Leadership and Diversity

Our goal is to prepare you for a profession of service and leadership allowing you to make an important, positive difference in your community – and the world.

We offer programs in  psychology, forensic studies, education, business and law at 7 California campuses (Fresno, Irvine, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, and two in San Francisco) and internationally in Mexico City, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

We believe that the best preparation for professional careers comes from experience, not just textbooks. Work with an experienced and accessible faculty who are experts in their professional fields. Learn more through a curriculum combining academic theory in the classroom with practical experience and professional training in the field. Gain a deeper understanding of today’s social issues and a more relevant education by being exposed to different cultures and a diverse student body and faculty. Train to be culturally a competent professional practitioner. Prepare to make a contribution to your chosen profession, your community and society.

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The number of fulltime faculty at Alliant has increased by 25% over the past 5 years.


Alliant was selected as a "Best Private College" in California for Vets in 2014


Alliant enrolls students from more than 75 countries and 49 states. The Fall 2011 class included students from 35 states and 35 countries.