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Undergraduate Psychology at Alliant

Welcome to the Department of Undergraduate Psychology (DUP), the home of our Bachelor of Science (BS) program in psychology, within the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University.

This innovative program includes comprehensive courses, integrative learning, and hands-on experience with field placements, which prepares students to either enter the workforce or continue into graduate study. With our rich history, academic rigor, clear vision and the ability to change lives and systems, the program prepares students to make a positive and lasting contribution in the helping professions.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in the helping professions, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, include:

  • Peer Counselors
  • Mental Health Technicians
  • Substance Abuse Counselors
  • Psychiatric Technicians

Students who decide to pursue further study at the graduate level may be interested in working as licensed professional counselors, social workers, couple and family therapists, clinical psychologists, and other related professionals.

Why Enroll in the Department of Undergraduate Psychology?

  1. Quality of Faculty – professional, accessible, responsive, and supportive of students’ academic and professional development
  2. Program Size and Atmosphere – Small class sizes - you are known by name and not just a number. Diverse students body from various backgrounds, ages, countries, and experiences
  3. Integrated Community Field Placements – Balance between students’ coursework and the real-world hands-on experience enhances their ability to integrate the skills they had learned in classroom to the community
  4. Curriculum – The DUP curriculum has been designed to follow the American Psychological Association recommended goals and learning outcomes for undergraduate psychology majors. The curriculum emphasizes individual uniqueness, diversity, complexity and achievement, while enhancing knowledge and building upon the scientific discipline and profession of psychology
  5. Cost and Convenience of Schedule – Comparable cost to public and private institutions. Evening, Hybrid and online courses, which enable students to graduate in two years!