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PsyD in Organization Development: Students & Graduates

Our Students & Graduates

Graduates from the Organizational Psychology programs have obtained careers as internally-based organizational development consultants, training and development consultants, human resources professionals, and work in a variety of industries.

Featured Students

Nohemi Barriga-Perez was recently hired as the Residency Coordinator for Adventist Medical Center in Hanford, CA. This position works with Graduate Medical Doctor Residents in Family Practice. It involves managing Graduate Medical Accreditation, interviewing candidates and program development, in collaboration with the Human Resource Department. Nohemi is a recent graduate of the Organizational Behavior MA program and has entered the Organization Development PsyD program at the Fresno campus. 

Aaron Bomer, a current Organization Development PsyD student in Fresno, was recently promoted to Director of Social Services at Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital in Las Vegas and is responsible for a staff of 80 Social Workers. Aaron is a resident of Las Vegas Nevada and commutes to the Fresno Campus. He will be finishing his degree in the Fall of 2013. 

Dee Incoronato, an Organization Development PsyD student, has recently accepted a position as Director of Strategy at Intermountain in Helena, Montana, where she resides. Intermountain is one of the 6,000 s in the state of Montana, employing 200+ with a budget of $12 million. This organization serves over 700 children and families a day in the state of Montana.  

Lisa Keith was recently was elected President of the Fresno Chapter of Mental Health America. Lisa is a student in the Fresno CSPP Organization Development PsyD program.  

Gerald Syas will be attending the Veterans Administration (VA) Assistant Development Director Program in Washington, DC during 2014. Gerald has also been offered an invitation for the post doctoral fellowship at the Veteran's Health Care Administration, National Center of Organizational Development, (NCOD). He will receive his Doctorate this Fall, 2013, graduating from the Organization Development PsyD program in Fresno. 

David Weikel recently accepted a position at Madera County Department of Behavioral Health Services as a Program Supervisor. Davis is a doctoral student at the Fresno Campus earning his PsyD in Organization Development. 

Featured Graduates

Dr. Barbara Adams, recent 2013 graduate, has been promoted to National Director of Diversity Learning for Kaiser Permanente. Barbara was a student in the Fresno CSPP- Organization Psychology program, earning her PsyD degree in Organization Development.

Dr. George Cartwright, former police officer, faculty member at Reedly Junior College, and graduate of CSPP-OP, PsyD in Organization Development, Fresno, will be joining the Forensic Program in Fresno as an adjunct professor.

Dr. Albert Edwards, lll has taken on the position as Sr. Manager, Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness Talent Management at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Dr Edwards was a student in the PsyD program at the Fresno campus.

Dr. Sherry Nooravi, Fresno graduate in Organization Development, is presenting on The Four C's: How your workspace can improve culture and productivity of your company.  Sherry is the President of Strategy Meets Performance, Inc. based in San Diego. 

Dr. Siama Raza, Lieutenant in the US Navy is currently stationed in San Antonio, Texas.  Dr. Raza completed her PsyD in Organization Development in 2006 and entered the US Navy as a Research Psychologist. 

Dr. Eric Valdez, a 2011 graduate of the OD PsyD program, currently works at The Walt Disney Company, where he serves as Human Resources Business Partner.

Dr. Joy Wright, Senior Vice President, Dr Bloom, Inc will be launching their product, Dr Bloom's Chewable Jewels, online with Babies R Us/Toys R us and 150 stores. Following graduation, Dr Wright and her sister, a dentist, created Dr Bloom's Chewable Jewels for teething babies.  Dr. Wright is an alumni from the PsyD in OD program at the Fresno campus. 

What Our Graduates Say

Working in South Africa, with the scars of Apartheid still visible in the workplace, has been quite challenging specifically regarding employment equity and diversity. I have had the opportunity to employ one of the core tenets of organizational development and democratize the workplace, which has been wonderful although challenging in South Africa’s generally patriarchal workplace.

Moreen Mudenda, PsyD
Senior Consultant, Organizational Development
Resolve Group, Johannesburg, South Africa
2007 Graduate, Fresno

The value of what I learned in the program relates to my practice in many tangible ways.  I have shared this numerous times before in feedback sessions, but I have been so impressed with the dedication, availability, generosity, and genuine care and commitment the faculty, especially core faculty, have demonstrated to me (and others) during the program. I have been helped, listened to, supported, and cared for as a whole individual. Two things have struck me about this commitment. One is that faculty members embody the core values of Organization Development. They walk the talk and it is such a great model and inspiration. Secondly, I really get the impression that each of the faculty members truly chooses to be involved in the program. More than once, I have heard adjunct faculty comment that being in class with us for the weekend is a treat for them.

Sharon Nichols, PsyD
2012 Graduate, Fresno

As a former clinician, I would handle a client with a presenting problem, analyze, diagnose, provide an intervention, implement and evaluate. In Organization Development program, I am able to transfer my skills to a client organization, gather data, provide analysis and feedback (diagnosis), action plan, implement, and evaluate.  It became evident that as a clinician and as an organization development professional, the process was somewhat parallel. I have currently developed and implemented a Disaster Services Program Manager Certification process for Program Managers nationwide. 

Jacqueline Villafañe, PsyD
Manager Leadership Development
Disaster Services
American Red Cross National Headquarters
2009 Graduate, Fresno

As a military officer, I was able to develop experience and understanding in many areas of Organizational Development and Leadership including team development, training, and coaching. When I retired from the navy, I knew that I wanted to pursue this field of training, leadership development, and behavior modification.  I felt that I had many real-world applications of this in the military but that I needed the academic training.  When I spoke to Dr. Toni Knott at CSPP, I knew immediately that the Organizational Development field was the perfect fit for me and any former military officer because of the prior training and parallels to military service. I am currently the Senior Vice President of Dr. Bloom Inc.  I am responsible for quality assurance, sales and regional team training, supply chain management, change management and contracts and negotiations.   With my training in Organizational Development, I am able to offer theoretical examples to teach and develop teams internal and external to our company.  This training also enabled me to develop our mission, strategy, and business development not only with Dr. Bloom Inc but other companies in the same juvenile market.

Joy Bloom Wright, PsyD
Senior Vice President
Dr. Bloom Inc.
2010 Graduate, Fresno