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Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior: Students

Featured Student

TaBetha "Beth" Scott, CSPP Organizational Behavior Student

TaBetha “Beth” Scott is an MAOB student on the Fresno campus Beth returned to finish her BA in psychology after several years off to raise a family and decided that pursuing the MAOB would be an excellent way to gain transferrable skills that would benefit her in her current job as well as anything she might pursue in the years to come. The principles and concepts gained from the MAOB program curriculum and faculty have meshed well with Beth’s natural abilities of organization and problem-solving as well as adding new techniques to manage employee interactions and successfully navigate organizational change. Beth is currently employed as a staff member on Alliant’s San Diego campus coordinating hundreds of students each year as they apply for and complete their clinical training in CSPP doctoral programs. She has been able to use new skills around conflict management, employee fit, and transitions in organizations to better serve the CSPP students and faculty. Beth has a strong commitment to excellence and found this to be valued in the MAOB program which exemplifies the four pillars of Alliant’s Mission Statement: Education for Professional Practice, Scholarship, Multicultural and International Competence, and Community Engagement. The executive format for the program has allowed Beth to continue to balance home and family responsibilities, maintain a full-time job serving the students of CSPP, and pursue her own graduate degree at the same time. This format attracts students that bring with them a vast array of real-world experiences that, coupled with the expertise of top-notch faculty who are or have been practitioners, create a dynamic learning environment. Use of the experiential learning model keeps students engaged and reinforces the concepts being taught. Beth has found the CSPP Fresno faculty to be exciting teachers of theory, skills, and practical information that someone in any organization can benefit from.