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Organizational Psychology Program Faculty

The OP programs’ primary goal is to develop highly resourceful, values-based practitioners who acquire the depth and breadth of competencies required to apply theory, state-of-the-art research, and practice to real world challenges faced by today’s global organizations. Faculty are committed to fulfilling this goal through curriculum design, scholarship, role modeling, expertise, professional socialization, and by providing students with opportunities for personal and professional growth. The faculty, as academics and practitioners, bring practical experience to their teaching, welcoming and appreciating the experience and multiple perspectives of all students.

Nicholas Aramovich    

Nicholas Aramovich
Assistant Professor, San Diego
PhD, 2010; University of Illinois at Chicago
Research interests: Group dynamics, teamwork, group decision-making and problem-solving, leadership and influence in teams, diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion in organizations, employees' perceptions of justice and fairness.

Sherry Camden-Anders, PhD, CSPP Organizational Psychology      

Sherry Camden-Anders
Associate Professor and Program Director, Fresno
PhD 2000; Benedictine University
Research interests: Mergers and acquisitions (merging of cultures), organizational change-large systems change, strategy development, executive and leadership development, implementation of training and design, information technology implementations

Christopher Dawson, CSPP Organizational Psychology    

Christopher Dawson
Internship Coordinator and Adjunct Faculty (San Francisco)

Nurcan Ensari, CSPP Organizational Psychology      

Nurcan Ensari
Professor, Los Angeles
Systemwide Program Director, Organizational Psychology Programs

PhD, 1999; University of Southern California
Research interests: Intergroup relations and prejudice, personalization and intergroup contact, leadership, multiculturalism and diversity management, and cross-cultural psychology

Mary Fambrough, CSPP Organizational Psychology      

Mary J. Fambrough
Associate Professor, San Francisco
PhD, 2000; Case Western Reserve University
Research interests: Qualitative research methods and alternative forms of representation; a critical look at social systems, organizations, groups, social movements and their impact on marginalized populations in view of power and control; feminist approaches to research and practice; and issues of gender, sexuality, multiculturalism, and identity expression, particularly in work environments

Bernardo M. Ferdman, CSPP Organizational Psychology    

Bernardo M. Ferdman
Distinguished Professor, San Diego
PhD, 1987; Yale University
Research interests: Diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion in organizations; inclusive and multicultural leadership; Latinos/Latinas in the United States; Latino/a leadership; ethnic and cultural identity; group and intergroup behavior; organization development; organizational behavior; psychology in the Americas

Dary Fiorentino, CSPP Organizational Psychology    

Dary Fiorentino
Assistant Professor, Los Angeles
PhD, 2008; Claremont Graduate University
Research interests: organizational change, motivation, and traffic safety

Dale Glaer, CSPP Organizational Psychology      

Dale Glaser
Principal Lecturer, San Diego
PhD, 1993; California School of Professional Psychology, San Diego
Research interests: Multivariate statistics, statistical modeling, psychometric testing, and survey research

Kathryn Goldman Schuyler, CSPP Organizational Psychology    

Kathryn Goldman Schuyler
Professor, San Francisco
PhD, 1979; Columbia University
Research interests: Strategic change, somatic foundations of organizational learning, executive development and leadership, developing healthy organizations, organizational ethics and social responsibility, Tibetan Buddhism and transformational change, and organizational consulting

 Calvin Hoffman Associate Professor, CSPP Organizational Psychology Program Los Angeles    

Calvin Hoffman
Principal Lecturer, Los Angeles
PhD, 1984; University of Nebraska
Research interests: Job analysis and job design, selection system design and validation, human resource systems, management and employee development, and performance evaluation and feedback

John Kantor, CSPP Organizational Psychology    

John Kantor
Associate Professor, San Diego, PhD in Leadership Program
PhD, 1988; California School of Professional Psychology
Research interests: Leadership, organizational diagnosis, survey development, consumer research

Toni A. Knott, Associate Professor, CSPP Organizational Psychology Program    

Toni A. Knott
Associate Professor and Field Placement Director, Fresno
PhD, 1999; The Fielding Graduate Institute
Research interests: Collaboration, team development, appraisal systems (feedback, appreciative inquiry), international organization development, personal/organizational transitions and organizational change

Patricia Denise Lopez, CSPP Organizational Psychology     

Patricia Denise Lopez
Associate Professor, Los Angeles
PhD, 1996; Columbia University
Research interests: Managerial and team effectiveness, motivation and employee engagement, organizational change, gender and cross-cultural management, organizational issues related to globalization

Rodney Lowman, CSPP Organizational Psychology    

Rodney Lowman
Distinguished Professor, San Diego
PhD, 1979; Michigan State University
Research interests: Organizational consulting psychology; career assessment and counseling; coaching; ethical issues in the practice of consulting and I-O psychology; internationalizing multiculturalism; occupational mental health; work dysfunctions; academic leadership roles

Jyotsna Sanzgiri, CSPP Organizational Psychology    

Jyotsna Sanzgiri
Professor and Program Director, San Francisco
PhD, 1977; University of Pittsburgh
Research interests: Women in management, cross-cultural comparison of core values, social responsibility in business, international organizational behavior

Jonathan Troper,  PhD, Assistant Professor and Director, Center for Innovation and Change, CSPP Organizational Psychology     

Jonathan Troper                                                                        
Assistant Professor, Los Angeles
Director, Center for Innovation and Change (CIC)
PhD, 1997; University of California, Los Angeles
Research interests: Organizational change, organizational communication, management consulting, training new consultants and students as consultants, employee surveys, leadership assessment and development, training and development, performance assessments, group leadership and learning

Rebecca Turner, CSPP Organizational Psychology      

Rebecca Turner
Professor Emeritus, San Francisco
PhD, 1987; George Washington University
Research interests: Applications of social psychology; consulting in organizations; executive coaching and leadership development, team development and dynamics, conflict management in teams, quantitative and qualitative approaches 

Lynne Valek Visiting Associate Professor, Fresno, Organizational Psychology Program    

Lynne Valek
Visiting Associate Professor, Fresno
PhD, 1999; The Fielding Graduate Institute
Research interests: Collaboration, organizational change, dialogue, conscious capitalism, sustainability, organizational culture