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International Counseling Psychology - Mexico City

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Earn Your Degree in a Dynamic World Center

The International Counseling Psychology Master of Arts program offered by the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University’s Mexico City campus lets you earn a United States-issued graduate degree in one of Latin America’s most dynamic cultural and economic hub. You will benefit from the double advantage of an enriching experience and the chance to gain culturally competent practice modalities to help you assist diverse families in our global society.

Alliant's Mexico City campus is located in the city’s main shopping and cultural area, close to the historic center and within walking distance of the primary financial district. The campus is housed in an attractive historic building, surrounded by restaurants, bookstores, museums and cultural centers.

Be Part of a One-of-a-Kind Program

It is the only degree program of its kind that allows mental health professionals to prepare for U.S. licensure while living in Mexico, becoming bilingual, and blending systemic counseling models developed in the United States and Europe with Latin American originating theories and indigenous healing practices. Students have access to both local faculty and internationally renowned faculty from multiple countries and universities.

Prepare to Work Anywhere

Our master’s program in International Counseling Psychology prepares counselors and therapists for the urgently needed and growing field of international counseling. Many of our graduates have chosen to work in different international contexts, although all graduates of the program are prepared for two U.S. licensing options: The Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) License and the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC).

Convenient Classes to Suit Your Schedule

Courses take place primarily during the evenings to accommodate working and practicum schedules. Some courses are taught in week-long intensive formats by internationally renowned professors, authors and researchers who travel to Mexico specifically for the course.

This innovative program uses a blend of teaching methods:

  • Traditional face-to-face instruction
  • Online distance learning technology
  • Experiential study tours across Mexico
  • Direct clinical experience

Courses are taught by both U.S. and Mexican faculty with expertise in cutting-edge clinical approaches in today’s mental health field.

International Semester Abroad

Students enrolled in the International Counseling Psychology at Alliant’s Mexico City campus have the opportunity to take classes at Alliant’s San Francisco campus. This campus currently houses a two-year program in Professional Counseling with similar courses and clinical field training opportunities. Students who choose to pursue the LPCC license can spend the spring semester of their first year of the program in San Francisco. Students who choose this option would take classes in Theories of Counseling and Human Development during a regular fifteen-week semester. In addition to greatly strengthening their English language skills, students staying in San Francisco have the opportunity to take classes in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States while learning about social justice theory and the application of social justice principles from leaders in the field.

Learn More About Us

Explore the International Counseling Psychology Master’s Program, Mexico, City in more detail in the university catalog or contact program director, Dr. Jason Platt.