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Dual Clinical Psychology/Organizational Psychology PhD Program

San Diego

Some professionals aspire to careers that allow for practice both as a licensed clinician and as an organizational researcher and consultant. To this end, CSPP offers students the option of earning a dual PhD degree in Clinical Psychology and Industrial-Organizational Psychology in San Diego. Students in the dual degree program receive advanced training in both disciplines, allowing them to carve out special professional roles. The program is jointly administered by the San Diego Clinical Psychology PhD Program and the Industrial-Organizational PhD Program.

Students enrolled in this program fulfill the program requirements of both disciplines, which generally results in a minimum of five years of full-time study plus additional semesters to complete the dissertation and the second clinical internship. Dual Clinical/I-O program students complete one dissertation that reflects the integration of both fields of study. The clinical portion of the dual degree program reflects the curriculum of CSPP's APA-accredited PhD program in clinical psychology. Thus, dual program students must complete every requirement of the clinical PhD program without exception.

Program Objectives

A graduate of this program will be prepared to practice as a licensed clinician and as an organizational researcher and consultant, as advanced training is provided in both specialties. Graduates may conduct original, empirical research; develop and evaluate personnel and organizational psychology theories; apply specific knowledge in business and organizational settings, (to include the design of human resources management systems and organizational development interventions) as well as engage in clinical practice, conduct psychotherapy and individual assessments, and work in settings such as employee assistance programs.

Internship Requirements

The Dual Clinical Psychology / Industrial-Organizational Psychology PhD degree requires the completion of field placements in a clinical and an organizational setting. The clinical practicum is taken in the second year of the program at a local agency. Students must accrue a minimum of 800 hours of supervised practice. Dual program students complete a Field Placement in Organizational Studies in the third year. The Field Placement in Organizational Studies totals 700 supervised hours. Students are encouraged to apply for an APA-accredited internship taken in the fifth program year. Students who are unable to attend an APA-accredited clinical psychology internship will complete two consecutive years of half-time internship in their fifth and sixth years.

Please see the individual program descriptions for the San Diego Clinical Psychology PhD and the Organizational Psychology PhD programs for more information.