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Curriculum and Degree Requirements

The PsyD program requires a minimum of 90 academic units (92 for the Forensic Family/Child Track) and 30 internship units. A minimum of 60 academic units is required pre-candidacy (first/second years) and a minimum of 30 academic units and 30 internship units is required postcandidacy (third/fourth years).

Other requirements:
Preliminary Examinations – Assessment Preliminary Examination taken in January of second year, following completion of Psychological Assessment III: Clinical and Ethical Preliminary Examination taken at end of second year (June). Passing both preliminary examinations is required for advancement to candidacy.
Clinical Proficiency Progress Review, taken at the end of the third year, must be passed before graduation.

Personal growth and professional training psychotherapy requirement: 30 hours of personal psychotherapy with a doctoral level licensed clinician is required before graduation.

The clinical Dissertation must be completed before graduation.