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Clinical Psychology PsyD Los Angeles Core Faculty

John Bakaly, PhD,
 Associate Professor, CSPP John Bakaly, Associate Professor
PhD, 1988; University of Southern California
Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Clinical intervention with children and adolescents and their families; Treatment of depression, anxiety, and general child-hood disorders.
Elaine Burke, PsyD,
 Associate Professor, CSPP Elaine Burke, Associate Professor
PsyD, 1989; University of Denver
Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Multicultural and international issues, particularly in the areas of sex roles and gender, children, health,  trauma, and class status, pediatric & geriatric neuropsychology; immigration and acculturation issues.
John V. Caffaro, PhD, Distinguished Professor John V. Caffaro, Distinguished Professor
PhD, 1989; The Fielding Institute

Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Child maltreatment; sibling relationships; post-traumatic stress disorder; group psychotherapy.
Victor Cohen, PhD,
 Associate Professor Victor Cohen, Associate Professor
PhD, 1981; University of Michigan

Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: The spirituality-psychotherapy interface; mindfulness, meditation and psychotherapy; relationship factors in development of meditation skills; self-development in graduate psychology training programs; group process in graduate psychology education; the training of interpersonal skills and self-awareness; integration of object relations, existential/humanistic and transpersonal therapy approaches.
Ronda Doonan, PsyD,
 Associate Professor Ronda DoonanAssociate Professor and Associate Program Director
PsyD, 2004; California School of Professional Psychology, Los Angeles

Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Couples and family therapy from a differentiation perspective; Couples and families dealing with critical/chronic or physical disability or in which one partner has high functioning autism; military members and their partners, families, and support systems. 
Lisa Liu, Assistant Professor, CSPP Lisa Liu, Assistant Professor
PhD, 2010; University of California, Los Angeles
Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Diversity and multicultural issues; ethnic minority mental health; adjustment of immigrant children and families; impact of family and cultural context on psychopathology; racial/ethnic identity development; evidence-based treatments with diverse populations; Asian American mental health.
Erin O’Callaghan, PhD, CSPP Assistant Professor Cristina Magalhaes,
 Associate Professor; Fellow, Rockway Institute

PhD, 2005; Nova Southeastern University 
Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Anxiety, stress, resilience and coping; complementary health practices; applied psychophysiology and biofeedback; trauma psychology; LGBTQ psychology; immigration psychology; cross-cultural assessment; trans-theoretical approaches to child and adult treatment.
Joan Murray, PhD, CSPP Associate Professor Joan MurrayAssociate Professor
PhD, 1979; University of California, Los Angeles

Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Women’s issues; environmental issues.
Randy Noblitt, PhD, CSPP Associate Professor Randy NoblittProfessor
PhD, 1978; University of North Texas

Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Cult & ritual abuse; child abuse; trauma and dissociation; dissociation of identity; disability determination; critical theory.
Erin O'Callaghan Erin O’CallaghanAssociate Professor and Program Director
PhD, 2007; University of Miami

Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Psychological and neuropsychological functioning in children and adolescents with chronic health conditions; neuropsychological and psychological functioning in children and adolescents with behavioral, emotional, and learning challenges; parent, sibling, and other family member functioning in families with children with chronic illnesses, develop-mental disabilities, and/or other behavioral/emotional difficulties; coping with cancer and other chronic illness, post-cancer treatment functioning; psychoneuroimmunology.
Jessie Sandoval, Assistant Professor, CSPP Jessie Sandoval, Assistant Professor and Internship Training Director
PsyD, 2007; Loma Linda University
Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Early childhood mental health; trauma, grief, and loss in the early childhood population; behavioral, emotional, and developmental outcomes of early trauma, neglect, and loss; assessment and treatment of high-risk infants and children; effects of prenatal and early environment exposure to alcohol and substances; parent, sibling, and caregiver functioning in families with children with chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, and/or other behavioral/emotional difficulties.
Lekeisha Sumner Lekeisha Sumner, Associate Professor
PhD, 2006; Illinois Institute of Technology

Professional Practice and Clinical Research Interests: Interface of chronic and traumatic stress exposure, biology, and socio-cultural factors on health behavior and outcomes; treatment and management of chronic medical conditions; women’s health; African American health; chronic and acculturative stress; trauma (e.g., medical, racial); depression; wellness; couples; psycho-diagnostic assessment.


Recent Faculty Accomplishments

In 2014, Professor Dr. John Bakaly accepted the positions of Board Member and Continuing Education Director for Division 43, the Society for Family Psychology, of the American Psychological Association.

Distinguished Professor Dr. John Caffaro was honored by the American Psychological Association Division 43’s 2014 Distinguished Contribution to Family Psychology Award.

The Clinical PsyD program would like to welcome two new additions to its core faculty:  Lisa Liu, PhD, and Jessie Sandoval, PsyD.  Both will be joining CSPP as Assistant Professors in Fall 2015.


Selected Recent Faculty Publications and Presentations

Clinical PsyD core faculty often collaborate with students to produce scholarly publications and professional presentations.  Students are denoted below with an asterisk.

Bakaly, J., Doonan, R., Regas, S., & Caffaro, J. (2014, August). No good deed goes unpunished: Best practices and ethics in producing client training videos. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC.

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