Our Students


John Dandurand, CSPP Clinical PhD Program Student

John Dandurand, third-year student with Multi-interest optionEmphasis, is working at AEGIS medical systems doing substance abuse work, interested in therapeutic interventions with gay males, just finished his research practicum. His research practicum project was looking to validate an inexpensive skin conductance assessment device using off the shelf hardware, the results indicate that the device he used (based on the Arduino, a commercially available and nexpensive microcontroller) can detect expected physiological events. John is amazed by the faculty and staffs availability towards students.

Shannen Vong, CSPP Student Shannen Vong, third-year student with Multicultural Community Clinical Psychology Emphasis, Minority Fellow, received a policy fellowship doing a 10-week summer policy internship with SAMHSA via the APA Minority Fellowship Program and will be starting her clinical practicum at Rio Hondo Community College in the fall 2013. Shannen's research interests are in the area of coping (adaptive/maladaptive coping strategies), perceived stress, and racial identity among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). She hopes to continue research in this area so she can help develop culturally appropriate interventions (toolkit) for AAPIs and other underserved populations.  She recently completed a research practicum project examining coping strategies, perceived stress, and psychological well-being among Asians/Asian Americans using racial identity model as the overarching framework.   

Chelsea Gilbert, CSPP Clinical PhD Student, Los Angeles Chelsea Gilbert, fourth-year student with a Clinical Health Psychology Emphasis, is interested in psychodiagnostic assessment and in using third-wave behavioral therapy interventions in working with clients with serious and persistent mental illness. She worked as a research assistant on various grant-funded projects at UCLA and the West Los Angeles VA before coming to CSPP. Her current research involves the assessment of formal thought disorder and other predictors of psychosocial functioning in adults with schizophrenia spectrum psychotic disorders. Chelsea has been working with underserved individuals with serious mental illnesses at LA County Department of Mental Health clinics in her practicum placements at Hollywood Mental Health Center and Augustus F. Hawkins Mental Health Center, and is passionate about working with this population throughout her career. 

Katelyn Evans Lehman, CSPP Clinical PhD Student, Los Angeles Katelyn Evans Lehman, fourth-year student with a Multicultural Community Psychology Emphasis, Certificate in Latin American Family Therapy, Secretary of SGA in 2012-2013, volunteer at Ejercito de Salvacion de Mexico in 2012. Her dissertation explores how young adults make meaning of their emotions relating to global environmental problems. She recently completed practicu at the Saban Free Clinic and will be placed at OPCC Sojourn Fall of 2013. Katelyn presented at APA in 2012 with Dr. Elaine Burke, Dr. Jason Platt, Dr. Huston-Armstrong, and Holly Gartler, M.A. on transcultural education in psychology. Katelyn has many teachers, but is greatly influenced by studies in liberation psychology, depth ecology, and spirituality.

Sheena Turner, CSPP Clinical PhD Student, Los Angeles

Sheena Turner, fourth-year student with a Multicultural Community Clinical Psychology Emphasis, interested in diversity-focused education in psychology, multiple presentations, took an Introduction to Teaching Psychology course at CSPP and obtained a coveted spot teaching adjunct in Pepperdine's undergraduate program and Azusa Pacific University's Graduate Program (Masters in Clinical Psychology, MFT), teaches cross cultural, social psychology and family therapy. Sheena has presented with Dr. Theo Burnes on multicultural curricula in graduate training.

Michelle Dexter, CSPP Clinical PhD Student, Los Angeles

Michelle Dexter, fifth-year student with a Family and Couple Clinical Psychology Emphasis, who previously served on SGA for two years and is also involved with the local psychological association (LACPA) where she has served on various committees for the past four years.   She is currently completing her dissertation using both quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate cultural variations of social support. Michelle also continues to engage in clinical research with her team at Harbor UCLA and Dr. Theo Burnes on transgender individuals' experiences of trauma. Michelle has presented her research at multiple APA conferences, as well as other local and international conferences. Michelle completed a clerkship at UCLA Office for Students with Disabilities, her first year practica at USC counseling center, and second year practia at UCLA DBT/Mood Disorders clinic. She will be starting her APA internship at USC's Counseling Center in August 2013.

Ilana Jurkowitz CSPP Clinical psychology phd student  Ilana Jurkowitz, fifth-year student with an emphasis on family and couple psychology, who was awarded the Organization for Autism Research Graduate Research Grant for her dissertation titled “Reducing Stress in Parents of Children with Autism: Testing the Efficacy of Parents Matter.” She developed a parent stress reduction program for parents with young children with Autism, and will be testing the efficacy of her program for her dissertation.